1. WTF, a nice little old lady does an act of kindness and the Blonde Stormtrooper Cop decides to correct her behavior and put her in her place. If pigeons are a problem just catch them when you can and have pigeon shoots like we used to have in Dallas before the bunny huggers got upset.

    When I was a kid we used to stalk and kill those pigeons and sparrows and other practice birds with BB guns and pellet guns in town, no song birds like robins and such and no one seemed to worry about kids walking around with guns and you had to go out of the edge of town to shoot .22s and it was best to shoot rats at the dump pointing away from town and into the ground.

  2. Oh, and the little cocksucker is a contractor, working for the town…as a money maker….

    Tar and feathers is too good for him. Too bad sending him to the antipodes is out of favor…

    But the real villains are the town officials that decided some twatwaffle could behave like this.

  3. Possibly even better:
    immobilize him for 24 hours and put a heavy ring of corn around him.
    He’s sure to become a pigeon lover after that.
    The town officials can be tarred and feathered; thereafter ridden out of town on a rail.

  4. I’ll preface this by saying I will never live in any “communal” type environment again. Ever.
    My focus is on this part:
    “There are notices all over the city asking people not to feed birds.”
    If you live there I suppose you are compelled to follow the rules.
    The other side.
    Everybody’s seen the horror of the McDonald’s parking lot where small birds flitter about pecking at crumbs, and the people that throw parts of buns and french fries to them that never get eaten and lay there for other people to step on. The birds shit on the cars. Nastiness. People are the nastiest animals on the planet and when a bunch of them associate in a condensed area all sorts of mayhem occurs. My only advice to the grand mum is to move to the country and do like my wife has done, set up as many bird feeders as she likes and feed the birds as she pleases.

  5. The telling point for me was the last line on the ticket…
    “…reduced to 100.00 if discharged within 14 days of issue….”
    It’s either a legal precedent or it’s extortion.
    …and you don’t negotiate price with a legal precedent.

  6. What caught my eye was “contractor” which probably means said contractor gets a percentage of the revenue enhancement just like the red light camera manufacturers do in England. Those *&^#$@#* both in UK and many places in USA have been caught setting too short yellow lights to entrap more victims for their electromechanical theft scheme.

  7. OK, you’re wrong. At least about pigeons if not contractors.

    Pigeons are vermin and feeding them is like encouraging flying rats. But squirrels are worse. They are not only vermin but chew wires.

  8. Sorry, Kim, but you’re wrong. Pigeons (and skurries) are vermin and should be an excuse for breaking out the shotguns, not the sausage rolls. Their shit is disgusting.

    1. For urban areas, air rifles are great. Not shot a pigeon with one but have shot several hundreds of squirrels that were harassing my toddlers. Learned a lot about terminal ballistics, at least on squirrels. Head shot kills instantly unless it deflects which they sometimes do, a chest shot either gets the heart in which case they go like hell for about 5 seconds and then collapse or the lungs in which case they stay put and do the chin-up of death, a neck shot either bounces up into the brain or down into the chest and you get the above reaction.

      All of this was illegal of course which is why the low noise signature of the air rifle was preferred. I finally gave up though as it was like fighting the Chinese Army.

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