Acid Trip

Brit TV personality Jo Brand has landed herself in hot water (warning:  link contains pics of Jo Brand) with this silliness:

The BBC has defied calls to sack comedian Jo Brand after she suggested on a Radio 4 panel show that protesters should throw acid instead of milkshakes at right wing politicians.

However, as stupid as that statement was, this was worse:

Nigel Farage accused the 61-year-old of ‘inciting violence’ and called on the police to act after her comments on an episode of Heresy.

I know that this is Britishland, where the fuzz can arrest you for making an off-color comment on Twitter, but my main point is quite simple.

As long as the loony Left (and few are loonier than Jo Brand) can continue to talk trash like this and remain unpunished, the better for all of us — because, as Longtime Readers will know only too well, I’ve often suggested tying socialists to a chair and beating them to death with a baseball bat.  It is, of course, just hyperbole;  I don’t really want to beat anyone to death (except maybe for a few of the worst socialists), and I’m reasonably sure that if some loon decided that a little acid be tossed in, say, Jeremy Corbyn’s face on the “good for the goose, good for the gander”  principle, that Jo Brand would be “shocked, shocked ” that someone took her at her (jocular) word.

Ultimately, of course, this is going to turn around and bite the loony Left, for two reasons.  In the first case, most ordinary people would be horrified if, say, Boris Johnson or Mike Pence were to get a faceful of acid, and the political repercussions would be severe — the loonies would alienate even more voters from their side than they’re already doing.

The second case, and I speak here of the U.S. specifically, would be a lot worse than simple political repercussions:  some would-be acid-tosser [sic]  would be quite likely to get a .45 bullet in his  face the minute he raised the jug.  And the rest of America would cheer the shooter to the rafters.

Once again, I say that the Left seems to be all about violence because they think we’re evil;  but I don’t think they’ve really thought this through, unless they have a martyr complex (and they might — they are that twisted).

As long as they keep talking shit like Jo Brand has, we can just laugh at them, until, that is, some loony gets “triggered” into action.  But using the rozzers to arrest people for talking shit is wrong — I believe that’s covered in one of the Constitutional Amendments, somewhere — because the minute we conservatives support that nonsense, it’s going to get used against us, a lot more than against them.

Remember:  words mean nothing (in terms of legal action);  it’s deeds  that (rightly) engender a response from agents of the State.

Or a response from a concerned conservative (see “.45 bullet” above).  The Brits don’t have that 0ption, of course, because they have no Constitution and no real Bill of Rights so the fuzz can fuck with the citizenry all they want, but that’s their  problem.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go and oil a length of rope.  Then it’s range time.  Those .45 bullets won’t aim themselves, you know.


  1. Most people don’t understand that the best response to stupidity from a twit like this is to ignore her.

    When asked for comment, Farage’s best response would have been “Jo who?”

    Clowns of the “activist” ilk (on any side of spectrum) thrive on any attention and makes them feel brave and and important for “speaking truth to power”.

    They really can’t stand being ignored or being treated as as the irrelevant non-entities they are.

    Second best is to point and laugh _at_ them, not with them.

  2. Maybe someone should throw an acid milkshake on her.
    These people are so stupid that just reading about them makes me feel stupid.

  3. It’s all about forcing the Loony Left to live up the rules they insist on.
    If a crosshair on a map is “dangerous rhetoric” well suggesting tossing acid is trebly so.
    Those of us on the Right call for sanctions for actions, those on the Left call for sanctions for thought.

  4. This talk of throwing acid to disfigure politician’s faces is all just joking around. At least we hope it is in western countries.

    In Ukraine it is not so much of a joke. Some years ago, during the “orange revolution” candidate Viktor Yushchenko was fed dioxin by someone. Talk about campaign dirty tricks. His face swelled up like a black and blue balloon and he nearly died.

    The guy he was running against was Paul Manafort’s “associate” Viktor Yanukovych. Some places in the world, they play for keeps.

  5. We don’t have guns over here. So other means are used, and acid attacks are a favourite. There were over 600 attacks in 2016.

    Brand’s comment was utterly vile and she should be sacked immediately.

  6. Disagree vehemently and entirely. Remember Alinsky’s Rule Number 4.

    RULE 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

    Make them pay the price, every time. Until and unless they start believing it’s their ass on the line they won’t stop.

    The surest way of making a posturing socialist sound like Art Laffer is to make “other people’s money” come out of his pocket.

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