That’s Not The Issue

When I first came to live in the U.S., there was the usual delay while my application got processed.  I wasn’t able to work (and I wasn’t going to do any sub rosa  work because a.) it was illegal and b.) if discovered, I feared being tossed out of the country).

So I watched TV.  All day and every day, for months.  As soon as the banality of daytime TV got to me (rough guess, about four days in), I looked for something else to watch that wasn’t going to bleed me of brain cells faster than a medieval doctor, and discovered C-Span TV.  Yup, live coverage of the daily business of Congress.

I watched it obsessively, as much from fascination as from wanting to discover exactly how my soon-to-be-adopted country worked.

And one of the highlights of that time was when proceedings of the Senate Judiciary and -Foreign Relations Committees came on.  I knew hardly anything about the judicial stuff, but more than a little of world politics.  A common speaker was Sen. Joe Biden, about whom I knew nothing, and as I watched more and more of his appearances and his speeches and questions, I soon realized that this was the most stupid man I’d ever seen on TV.  When he was reading from a prepared speech, Biden was fine:  articulate, witty and engaging.  As soon as he wandered off-script, and especially when he was interrogating witnesses appearing in the Senate, his stupidity and ignorance were always in evidence.  What he said sounded  plausible and in keeping with his speeches;  but the substance  of what he said was vacuous, ill-informed and often devoid of any kind of logic, let alone rhetoric.  I actually started to cringe whenever he was handed the microphone because I thought that surely, surely he would embarrass himself.  And he did, constantly — but he never once realized that he had.  (In this regard, Biden was very similar to how Socialist Rep. Ocasio-Cortez is today, incidentally — and he’s only better than she is now because of his many years’ experience in politics.)

When Biden ran for president back in 1988, I actually had an outside opportunity to work for the outfit handling his polling in Texas (Longtime Readers may recall that I was a researcher back then).  I turned it down because I couldn’t face the thought of working for this guy, no matter how peripherally.

Given all the above, I was perhaps the only man in America who was unsurprised when the equally-vacuous Barack Obama chose Biden as his VP — anyone brighter would have shown up Obama’s intellectual vapidity, and Biden’s superficially-plausible-but-intellectually-empty speechmaking was on a par with the future president’s.

So I don’t care about all the current brouhaha surrounding Biden’s current presidential prospects:  his fondling of women, his political platform (such as it is), or his age.  I do care that we only recently emerged from eight years of a stupid president (Obama), and I have no wish to be subjected to the same weapons-grade presidential stupidity all over again.

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  1. Watching C-Span??

    As Mark Twain observed, “Those that respect the law and love sausage should watch neither being made.”

    I try to watch it occasionally, but it usually results in The RCOB as I see the lying MF’ers spout their drivel without the benefit of lightning bolts. (Our benefit, not theirs.)

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