More Corporate Nannies

Here’s a story which provoked an instant RCOB from me:

A supermarket advert that was set to appear on the London Underground was rejected by rail bosses…
The poster, submitted by online food delivery company Farmdrop, featured a family gathered around a kitchen island with the tagline ‘fresher, fairer groceries delivered to your door’.

Here’s the ad’s pic.  Try to spot why the thing was deemed offensive.

No, it wasn’t because one of the actors is a ginger.  Here’s the actual reason the ad was rejected:

…because it contained bacon, butter, eggs and jam.

The only possible way I could have been more angered was if it was banned because it contains a picture of a chicken, and the vegans complained about that  (I know, I shouldn’t give those poxy fuckers any ideas).

There’s only one remedy to overcome my rage at this point:

…and for the toast, some Irish butter and two of my favorite jams:

Bon appetit, y’all.


  1. Wait; -> jam <- was a problem but that big lump of raw chicken was okey-dokey?

  2. I missed all that. Before scrolling up for the answer, I looked for triggers like a wedding ring, then I surmised that it was because one of the adults wasn’t a person of colour with appropriately blended children. My final guess was the breadboard in the right rear of the photo. Looks to me that it might be an image of Jesus.

  3. I thought the ad was insensitive because it had a heterosexual, same-race couple with two apparent biological kids. There simply weren’t enough political statements made in selection of the actors portraying the family. Maybe he’s the gay nanny and I just missed it.

  4. Looks like a certain someone is on a severely restricted diet.
    BTW, in that ad pik, where da negro iz?
    Gotta have a token negro, it’s the rule.

  5. What’s wrong with your breakfast photo?
    Not enough bacon and there’s no sign at all of any boerewors!
    No beans or mushrooms, either. Toast is for after breakfast, the meal should be served with fried (in the bacon fat) bread.

  6. The couple isn’t biracial and gay, so they’re literally Hitler. Or something.

  7. What got me chuffed was the rampant cross-contamination. I’m down with the breakkie with a few minor modifications, more bacon, toasted english muffins (yeah, I know, the english never heard of them) with butter and marmalade, more bacon. Other than that, looks tasty.

  8. I would’ve figured the bacon (because the Brits have decided they must appease their Muslim overlords), but I’m still scratching my head over the eggs, butter, and jam.

  9. Overcoming rage?
    Don’t excite, nothing a Full English won’t remedy. On the other hand, a short-stack with ‘taters, gravy, bacon and two-over-easy is a close runner up.

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