I speak here not of the dreadful John Lennon song on the Beatles’ White Album, but that apparently (according to the rankings on this list), Texas is only the ninth-most-friendly state for gun owners.  This, despite:

Texas does well across the board in our survey thanks to a strong RTC law (that now includes open carry), strong use-of-force laws, and its lack of restrictions on black rifles, magazines or NFA items. The NRA’s Annual Meeting was held in Dallas this year and you could have fit all of the protesters in a VW Beetle.

Maybe if we started handing out .22 rifles to trick-or-treaters on Halloween… except I think they already have them, mostly.

Good grief.  I need a drink, and it’s not even ten o’clock.


  1. So there are 8 states that are even better than Texas – that’s good news, right?

    I too live in #50. Just returned from a trip to #4, would love to move there.

  2. If I read the article properly, looks like moving to a permitless CCW (Constitutional Carry) would be a key factor in Texas moving up the list.

  3. We are in the top ten, number nine ? ? ? ?

    As stated above we don’t have permit less CCW and you do have to take a class and shoot to get a CCW so there’s that. We also have Austin, Houston and the DFW metro areas full of lefties who don’t appreciate the rest of Texas, real Texas. We do have a strong thriving gun culture outside of dense populations so I am thankful and I could probably dispute a lot of the other rankings like putting Washington State better than Colorado. Anyway now I need to go over to Bandera and do some AR shooting so see ya all later.

  4. WooHoo, better than Texas! Home is quite gun-friendly.

    Kim, we are organizing a WWII combat rifle shoot for October 12 here in El Dorado, Kansas, and would be honored to have your attendance, or that of your readers. Likely to have just about any battle rifle of WWII vintage there that you can imagine, and hopefully a Thompson as well. Trying to arrange some belt-fed goodness. Fundraiser for our local WWII museum.

  5. I have to agree with Arizona being #1. I spend a lot of time there these days, and absolutely everything is.. well, how it should be. Right down to the folk OCing in Walmart and no one batting an eye.

  6. I moved from #50 to Texas about 18 years ago. On the way out, I had a little fun.

    You see, during the 1990s, a friend and I (and occasional several of us) would go from #50 to the Forks of the Delaware gun show in Allentown, PA, where I would buy several (illegal in NJ) normal capacity magazines – some for rifles that I owned, and some for rifles that I wanted to own in the future). By the time I got married at the end of the decade, I had a pretty fair collection of spring-loaded metal boxes.

    So, when my wife (of about 1 1/2 years at that point) and I passed the “Welcome to Delaware” sign on the way out, I casually turned to her and started the following conversation:

    Me: “Well, now you don’t have to worry about bailing me out of jail any more.”

    Her: “What?! What are you talking about? What did you do?”

    Me: [Explains NJ Assault Weapons Ban on magazines over 15 rounds].

    Her: “How many of them do you have?”

    Me: “About 18 inches behind my ass there is about 200 years’ worth in Rahway State Prison.” :>)

    Her: [Turns white as a sheet, says nothing – VERY uncharacteristically – for about 30 seconds]. Then, “They don’t have laws like that in Texas, do they?”

    Me: “No, babe, Texas is in America.”

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