No Mercy

Somebody explain to me why these people should not be publicly scourged when caught:

Parents have been urged to check playground equipment after thugs attached razor blades to a slide.
Potentially deadly blades were cellotaped to a slide in Winifred Lane Play area in Aughton, West Lancashire – and left in a prime position so children could easily slice open their hands.

Here’s an example:

Now go ahead and tell me why I shouldn’t start assembling the whipping-frame.


  1. Forgive me, Kim, but I believe you may be over-reacting to this. Whipping frame, really? Should you decide this would be the proper way to respond, I’m sure there are many good, sturdy trees or lamp posts that would fill the need.

    To my way of thinking, shoot these dogs dead and leave their bodies in a public place as a warning to others.

  2. Given that it is the place where Great Britain used to be, the likely response is to ban razor blades.

  3. Kim, you might have still been in Africa at the time, but back in the 70’s there was a scare about sickos putting razor blades in Halloween candy. It “went viral” back before that was a thing. Turns out it wasn’t true, just one lone bastard trying to off his own children. But lo these many years later, people still throw out warnings on checking candy for razor blades.

    So my finely tuned sense of skepticism tells me this might not be 100% true. Maybe someone trying to get attention? Maybe someone trying to get someone else in trouble? There’s been plenty of hate crime hoaxes here in the USA to make me doubt all such stories of random atrocities.

    Of course there are still plenty of sick bastards in the world, so who knows. If true, of course, string the bastards up. Just make sure it’s true first.

    1. With Don. I’d wonder how much this has really happened. Now, when it *has* of course I’d want the people responsible hung. Don’t need them around.

      1. Just run them over the mandoline they’ve already built on the slide and keep changing the blades as necessary. Maybe use crinkle cut blades.

        1. I like your plan, but I’d add a kiddy pool of isopropyl alcohol at the bottom of the slide.
          Lather, rinse repeat until we’re tired of watching.

  4. Build a gallows next to the whipping frame. Those perps belong on the Flog Before Hang list.

  5. Because, Kim….Flogging is too good for some dickweed like that.

    The treatment that Mel Gibson received towards the end of the Braveheart fantasy would be a good start….

  6. Flogging leaves them flogged but still able
    (and probably willing) to repeat the offense.

    Amputate their thumbs.

  7. “Scourged” I like that as a form of punishment / deterrent.
    Well done Kim. For a second offense, take an old tire, some gasoline
    and a neck deep pit, add offender & a match.
    NO recidivism.

  8. I’ve always been a fan of letting them hang until they rot. Sort of an enduring “don’t be this guy”. Of course, I’d like to see the same thing for political corruption. Few things would focus the political mind like never being able to escape the aroma of former colleagues.

  9. Sometimes it takes a while (and some brown liquor,) to get the old memory wheels turning, but I seem to remember within the past year or so, of some sick-o doing similar things with shopping carts and the hand rail of an escalator.

    Not sure of the truth in either story, but knowing our nation’s ability to produce heroes, I figure we can just as easily turn out some real jerks, too.

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