Way To Go, Roger

I always liked this guy, as much for his ability as his quiet, classy sportsmanship.  And here’s further reason why I should:

Roger Federer has revealed that he refuses to sleep in a bed without his wife of almost a decade by his side.
The Swiss-born tennis ace, 37, who is widely considered the greatest male player of all time, admitted that his wife, children and friends come first, despite his passion for the sport.
In an interview with The Sunday Times, Federer explained that his wife, whom he married in 2009, and their two sets of twins, who are home-schooled, travel everywhere with him when he is on tour.

Gives new meaning to the term “family man”, doesn’t it?.  And yeah, his massive income makes that lifestyle possible.  Doesn’t mean I shouldn’t applaud him for doing the right thing.

Predictably, Ishmael has an even better (and funnier) take on Federer’s grace and class.

And just for a bonus:  some Federer magic.  Enjoy.


  1. the greatest male player of all time

    So then, the greatest *player* of all time.

    Sounds like a good husband.

    1. If I could have ever hit 1 forehand as smooth and as hard as Fed in all of the years I have been playing, I would depart these earthly coils a happy man.

  2. Anyone complaining that his wealth makes that possible should remember that for 99% of athletes, that wealth makes it possible to spend every night in bed with someone OTHER than his wife, as well.

  3. Tennis has been a lifelong passion with me. It is the greatest sport to both play & watch. I’ve spent many an hour on courts as well as plopped down watching. Fed in his early days, like Novak and Rafa was quite unclassy but all 3 of them have matured into fabulously classy men.

    I will always thank the stars above I was alive to watch these men and especially Roger play. I will miss him when he hangs them up. There are so many great moments but for me, the finals at Wimbledon when he beat Nadal in 5 sets are unlikely to ever be topped.

    I knew that the highlight video would conclude with the other worldly ‘tweener against Novak. One of the most unbelievable shots I have ever seen. This particular video didn’t show it, but the look on Nole’s face was priceless.

    I had the great pleasure to be at the AO in 2008 when Novak won his first Grand Slam. Unfortunately Roger lost to Tsonga in the semis. My seat was directly over the players entrance onto the court, very exciting.

    I went over and read the Mail story and it’s quite nice but this comment had me laughing out loud,

    Great player, sensible, good-looking, intelligent, speaks about five languages, wonderful family, multi-millionaire. Makes you sick, really.

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