No Shit, She-Lock

You have to be utterly self-absorbed and narcissistic to post something like this:

Apparently some things are too much, even for the French, and I can see why.  Fucking hell, I’ve seen more demure clothing on the midnight shift during Fleet Week.  From now on, every new edition of the dictionary will feature this woman’s picture under “Trashy”, and rightly so.

And of course, every bloody barracks-room lawyer is going to whine that the Louvre’s rules (note the capitalization, idiot) technically allow any outfits, even one like hers inside the building.  Yeah, fine, and I’m quite aware that the museum isn’t a church too.

But:  let’s hear it for the Louvre guard who didn’t want the priceless works of art inside his building sullied by this whore I mean “influencer”.  (Oh yeah, she has X thousand “followers” and groupies, so that excuses everything.  Not.)

Of course, she is Australian so it’s understandable that she would have no class, manners or sense of decorum, but that just makes me all the more satisfied that someone would actually step up and say, “Non!”

There should be more of that.  A lot more.


  1. A couple months ago I was in a favored watering hole “washing the day off” and a couple came in, the female half of which was wearing what could only loosely be called a shirt, sort of tank-top but completely open from the armpit to the waist, with nothing underneath and leaving little to the imagination. (And yes, she was youngish and quite attractive). Now while I’ll admit to a certain prurient interest (because boobs), it really was more slutty than sexy, as in giving the impression that one might contract a disease that they haven’t yet named, let alone found a cure for.

    Maybe the male half of the couple liked the idea that his lady (again using the term in only the loosest manner) was showing her wares to all and sundry. More likely he liked the idea that everyone believed that in an hour or so he’d be banging her like a screen door, only the most recent of many.

    As for the social media bimbo, meh. I actually know a couple people who are gaining traction on social media, one is a niece who does baking and cake decorating videos, and her husband has a vlog dealing with a particular model of pick up truck and the accessories for it. They work quite hard at it, and the husband is actually at the point of making money at it (he’s been doing it longer than she has). Making money on social media by actually DOING something is easier than doing so by posting pictures of yourself in various stages of undress.

  2. No class, manner, or sense of decorum? Depending on how you keep score, three-for-three ain’t bad! Still, more the pity Ozites can’t be swave and deboner
    Note the young lady appears to be of other than Anglo extraction – poor screening at immigration – again. As for the guard; perhaps he simply wanted information on where to purchase something similar.

  3. Here in Oz we have Brisbane spreading its city limits, and “Surfer’s Paradise” likewise, and the 2 of them plus the tiny strip of land in between are commonly known as “Bris-vegas”. Everything wrong with Oz turns up in Bris-vegas – bogan people; white shoe and gold chain men; face-lifted women whose empty breasts are somewhere above the scapula.
    Pity the Frogs did not freeze dry her, and put her on display. They can keep her

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