Gentle Reminder

Just in case anyone has forgotten (and shame on you if you did), this coming Monday November 19th will be National Ammo Day — which, given the upcoming transfer of Congressional power to the Socialist Party, makes Ammo Day’s rationale all the more meaningful.

For those who’ve been living on the Planet Manhattan and didn’t get the word, the principle is simple:

Buy one hundred (100) rounds of ammunition or more on November 19th.  Corollary:  if you eschew factory ammo and roll your own, then buy sufficient powder, primers, casings and bullets to create more ammo — the quantity is up to you — OR buy a brick (500 rounds) or more of .22LR.

That’s it.

The goal of Ammo Day is quite simple:  to put a billion additional rounds of ammunition into civilian ownership on a single day.

Make your plans accordingly.


  1. Planning on it. Some of its going to have to be on the 18th so I can get to the next county while the store is open (I refuse to pay crook county ammo tax) but I’ll try on the 19th as well.

    1. @Dec,
      AMEN Brother. Preach It !!!

      Seeing as you’re in the greater Chicago Area, I extend an invitation. If you’re in the area of where I hold events, you’re more than welcome to join the fun:

      Hell, anyone who reads Kim’s blog is welcome to join my meetup group and partake in recoil/group therapy.

      1. Thanks for the link! I’ll take a look. It has been a few years since I’ve managed to get a group to the range with me (save for a work trip last year that was awesome).

  2. Posted info on FB last night, giving basic “how’s and whys” about National Ammo Day. Not sure what response I’ll get. Some people will agree, some will probably block or un-friend me or whatever folks do when their feelings get hurt. I’m hoping that some will quietly go buy some ammunition like I used to do.

    I’ll get my hundred. Hope I can convince others to do the same.

  3. SGAMMO.COM has some pretty good prices on europellets, including the 124gr NATO rounds (Winchester). Hopefully still on special come Monday. I could use another kiloround of brass and lead…

    1. My SR9c didn’t like the WWB 124 grain. Not. One. Bit. I had about 8 or 9 FTFs across ten or so magazines worth of ammo. Not sure if it was a primer issue or if the striker in the gun was sticking. Bothersome, to say the least.

      1. I’ve only used the 115gr WWB and never had issues in an EAA Witness that I no longer have. I haven’t tried any WWB in the newer pistol. My old standard for 124gr was the S&B line, which worked great.

        In the Witness, 124gr ammo was the best for accuracy and ‘feel’. I wish I had a few more cases of that S&B.

  4. I may have to buy all mine before Monday… some ammo I’ve been waiting on (Federal 9mm and .45 HST) has just come back into stock at one of the places that will sell into crook county. Don’t want to risk them running out again. And Midway had a coupon that made the 5.56 69gr match ammo come in at a good price (and shipped free).

    Also FYI if any of you are buying Federal ammo, they currently have a number of rebates going; $5.00 per box with some limitations so I’m picking up extra. You can find the details at their website.

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