Here in the Plano area (and in Dallas generally), we’re seeing a ton of companies and their employees moving here from all over, but especially from the West Coast.  Needless to say, this influx of people from Cuidad California has created some mixed emotions here, as it has in many other states but most especially in those bordering the Golden [shower] State.  A billboard on TX 121 (which connects DFW Airport to the Plano/Frisco/McKinney area) reads:

Welcome to Texas!
Just don’t vote for all the things you fled.

And I recall seeing this bumper sticker on several cars out in the border states:

We Don’t CARE how you did things in California

This sentiment can be seen in this article, where Californian registration plates earn their owners the bird from locals in Idaho.

Here’s the thing.  If you’re a conservative moving out of California — a real conservative and not a “California conservative” like, say, Arnold Schwarzenegger — you’ll be welcomed almost everywhere you go.  If, however, you move to conservative north Texas (Trump 65%+ in 2016) and start talking shit about gun control and eco-bullshit, you’re gonna get flattened, and justifiably so,  Leave all that nonsense behind.  (I illustrate the point by how Californians would feel if a large bunch of South Africans had emigrated to San Francisco and immediately started voting for apartheid laws targeting Asians and Blacks.  And for people who think that’s a ridiculous analogy, lemme tell y’all right quick, if you’ll forgive the colloquial expression, that people round here take the Second Amendment just that seriously.)

Of course, politics is not the only issue that motivates our xenophobia of Californians.  Another is what happens when a Californian sells their piece-of-shit bungalow for millions, and drives up the real estate prices in their new location simply because real estate outside California is, relatively speaking, far cheaper than their overpriced postage-stamp-property in Sherman Oaks or Cupertino.  Here’s the map:

As locals find their home towns less and less affordable because arriving Californians (and East Coasters, to a lesser degree) have driven up the cost of real estate, it’s only natural to resent the newcomers.  (We in north Texas haven’t had that problem to the same degree because this part of the state has hitherto been underdeveloped, and we have lots of room to expand.  Nevertheless, we’re starting to see the “Californian effect” take place, where people have to move further and further out to find affordable property, which means traffic jams on otherwise-deserted country roads.)

My own experience, when selling the old Plano house a year or so ago, was not that I got a massive price increase on the place.  What I did get was a quick sale — eighteen hours after its listing, the house sold for the full asking price with no significant conditions attached.  And no, I didn’t leave money on the table;  all the “comps” (comparable properties) in the area were listed for about the same amount, and that price was nowhere close to nosebleed levels (for north Texas;  for Californians, it was a steal).

To be frank, I’m far more concerned about the political shit that Californians bring with them.  We Texans are the most hospitable and friendly folks around — but we will get cranky if you start voting for politicians like Skateboard Jesus* who want to advocate more regulations, wealth redistribution, statism and gun control.  Then watch us get ornery.

*Senatorial Democrat candidate Beto O’Rourke — and many thanks to the incomparable Iowahawk for the nickname:  it’s beyond brilliant.


  1. With over 10,000 people a month moving into the DFW area, it will only be a matter of time until the same bullshit that happened in CO will happen here in TX. These motherfucking REgressives, EXACTLY like that POS depicted in the link that moved to ID and fucking proudly proclaims she’s bringing the same horse shit from CA that CAUSED HER TO MOVE. It’s an infection that never stops metastasizing until the host is dead — see CA or IL for an last stage look.

    When these locusts began infecting CO, a once solid red state in the late 70s and early 80s, I remember how they were soooo fucking happy how much real estate they could get for their money. Never once did it cross their fucking minds that they were directly responsible for huge housing cost increases as well as monstrous property tax increases.

    And then they continued voting for the exact crap that they fled. Now the state is about to elect a pole smoking fag that has promised free EVERYTHING and you can bet your ass that all the reefer taxes in the world aren’t going to begin to cover what this asshole intends to do. He’ll make Hickenlooper, a far left REgressive, look like Reagan.

    When I had enough of this crap in 2014, I choose to move to a state that held similar values as mine and an area that looked bulletproof. w Texas looked to be solid but these motherfuckers in DC have undertaken to dump 100s of somalis in Amarillo and naturally, crime is shooting up. You can not win.

    You can fantasize that our solid foundation of family values and history will stand up to this onslaught but Kim, I’ve seen different. Where ever these bastards go, they bring evil.

    1. Yup. I’ve lived in Colorado all of my adult life (I’m close to 60), save for a couple of years in the army, and it has changed massively since Californians “discovered” the state about 25-30 years ago, and it didn’t change for the better. Maybe they think socialism just wasn’t done right in Cali, but they’re gonna get it right in Colorado. Idiots.

      I know exactly what you are talking about with Jared Polis. That dude projects such a wimpy image I can’t believe anyone can take him seriously, then I remember who he’s pandering to and I understand.

      If ever an era needed a brutal reset worldwide (Yellowstone?), it’s now. I only feel sorry for my son.

      1. Re: Polis, I’ve had to wonder–is he the pitcher or the catcher? Plus, I wonder that there may be massive opportunities for blackmail.

  2. MMinLamesa said it so I don’t have to. What’s worse, they’re so fucking smug about it. I have family buried here, though, I have no plans to leave.

  3. My wife and I plan to move from NJ to PA early next year if all goes according to plan. Thankfully the area we’re moving to is short on public transportation (which means people don’t move there to commute to the City). The community we’ll be moving to is largely vacation homes but there are some year-rounders too. I’ll be selling my house in Bergen County NJ (which I don’t expect to take long, it’s walking distance to both the middle school and high school), pay off what I owe, buy a new place in PA for cash and still have money left. Plus my property taxes will be a third of what they are now. Plus I’ll be working from home instead of commuting four hours a day.

    I don’t intend to vote for policies that made me want to leave NJ either. I don’t vote for them in NJ, I just get out-numbered. In fact I think I’ll buy an AR-15 shortly after I move.

      1. My wife might need a little convincing. I figure get one, take her shooting, then she’ll want her own…..

        Actually what I WANT for the second AR is one chambered in one of the 223 blown out to 45 cartridges, like Jeff Cooper wrote about as “Thumper”, something like 458 SOCOM. Seems just about perfect for when things go bump-in-the-night. Especially if I go thru the BS to put a can on it (I think they’re legal in PA, I know in NJ the only way you can get one if the local police chief says you having one is a benefit to the community).

        1. I understand the desire to have an AR just because you can, but my hunting rifles (.308 and it’s mod, the 6.5 Creedmore, and the .223 lever action) are all easy to source, purchase, and acquire ammo.

          Shotguns are the safest to use in house and close quarters.

          I can’t handle the DE, but the Kimber 1911 is a smooth and easy shot. I prefer my Sig P228 In 9mm. Yeah, whatever, a pooosy round, don’t care, you get hit in the chest, you’re gonna fall, and 9mm is cheap, ubiquitous, and my 9 yo can manage it, so.

          Get her out shooting. 99.44% of fear of guns is unfamiliarity. Show her how to shoot, clear, disassemble, clean, reassemble, she will have her hands on permits before you can bat an eye.

          1. 9mm, followed by buckshot, have the highest wall penetration scores. As in multiple walls. In one incident a guy dropped and tried to catch a Glock. The police found the bullet he ND’d after it had passed through most of THREE houses. Police swat teams are moving to .223 due to very poor wall penetration, and better terminal ballistics.

      2. Hell, make one or two from an 80% lower. They’re supposedly not that hard. Rumor control has it that a Polymer80 lower for, fer instance, a Glock26 is even easier to make. Not that I would know anything about that being trapped in a very blue East Coast state.

    1. Best of luck to you. We’re in Warren County, and it’s not far enough out for us. Idaho or Wyoming are preferred, but I’ll take a small farm in Northeast PA, just across the Delaware, thank you very much.

      We just cleared a modest bit of equity this year. Bought our house no money down, VA loan perk but it puts you behind from the start. I’m sure my house is worth even less than a few pennies on the dollar compared to Bergen County property.

      I really wonder what people are doing for a living, that they can afford so much monthly overhead. Of course, my lazy bum could get work, but whom would tend the children? {blinking} 😐

      Standards of living are a choice I guess.

      All, and I mean EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. of the new families who’ve moved into our white bread working class town are immigrants. Flips, dots, pakis, portos, and freekins. 19 new kids in the school, all brown and ESL and most are not Christians (that’s important to me).

      We came here to escape that.

      Last of All Suns, indeed.

    2. I bailed out of Jersey 38 years ago and became an Okie. We made the move for a job transfer and it was the best thing we ever did. Low taxes, reasonable cost of living, and good people. Even the old school Democrats drive pickup trucks and shoot guns although I do have questions about the idiots OU is turning out these days. My wife’s brother and her mom live in the Tannersville area – a little too close to Jersey for comfort – and I have a bunch of cousins in the Scranton area. Once you get away from the pest hole of Philly , Pennsylvania is a great state. Have fun and a Yuengling.

  4. You’re going to need to get harsh with this kind of thing or Texas goes the way of Colorado. I’ve only lived here 10 years but the steady flow of people from California has radically altered the politics of this state. One local school board after another has been bought and paid for by organizations that toe the liberal orthodox line aided and abetted by the useful idiots from California. One can usually expect this kind of thing in Boulder, but when we go from a state with some of the best gun laws on the books to one with gun laws so stupid companies like Magpul have left the state. Now we’re poised to pass a proposition which will gut the energy industry here costing billions of dollars and thousands of jobs (one of the few things our two candidates for governor agree on…how bad this proposition is).

    You don’t want Texas Californicated (the name for it here) to go the way of Colorado.

    1. Colorado DID have some of the best gun laws in the country. Most of them are still intact, the mag cap limits being an exception. It’s silly, though–I can go to a couple of fun shops quite close to home and buy mag “kits” that do an end run on the cap limits, and it’s perfectly legal. The biggest impacts I’ve had are being unable to buy them online. Nearly every county sheriff in the state has refused to enforce the law anyway, good for them.

      I’ve done a 180 on Magpul–screw them for leaving Colorado. They bailed on us. One other thing–Teller County, just west of the Springs (think Woodland Park), was rated as the most heavily armed county in the US a few years ago.

      1. IIRC, Magpul left when lawyers pointed out there was no clear legal way to transport their mags out of the state. Any and all persons involved in moving them would be subject to arbitrary arrest, although the politicians claimed that they would carve out an exemption for them. If you owned that company, would you trust the same idiots that caused the problem in the first place? They’re politicians, to them lying is like breathing.
        Think Fedex drivers would be willing to pick them up?

  5. As an escapee from Illinois to the Dallas area this summer, I have to say I love it here. I hope to help counter the tide sweeping in from the left coast.

  6. The very fact that people in California and New York think Texans ought to vote for Skateboard Jesus is reason enough to reject him.

  7. Skateboard Jesus!


    It’s true though. He barely looks old enough to vote or take the SAT. Bets on whether or not he’s really ever called Beto IRL? Mebbe he is, with that sense of hipster irony they just love to flout.

  8. Well, no worries here, mate, even north Texas is too hot for me, but I do wonder how far we could stretch our dollars if we up and left.

    Mr. Fields is in a very good, very much needed trade. He does well, I am blessed. But he does well because local industry supports his trade (welding). It’s always a gamble, to pick up and go. We stay for the jobs, and family. I’m not a Rootless Cosmopolitan. This is the home made for me, and it’s not time to leave it. Not yet. Is it?

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