5 Worst Dietary “Facts”

According to this study*:

  • Lowfat / skim milk is better for you than full-cream milk
  • Saturated fats in your diet will cause heart problems
  • Margarine is better for you than butter or lard
  • Red meat is bad for you
  • The government and health scolds know what the fuck they’re talking about

*Next week, another study will probably come out and disprove this one.  Caveat lector.

And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to have a breakfast of steak ‘n eggs (fried in butter).  And a full glass of half ‘n half to wash it down.


  1. At age 63 I finally managed to start to lose the 45 pounds I had put on since university. My diet was to eat what and when I wanted, but not too much. I’d eat slowly and constantly ask myself if I really wanted to finish that rack of ribs, that plate of bacon. I threw away some food and ate too many leftovers before learning to take / cook less.

    210 melted to 175 today, 10 pounds to go.

  2. I have been following and watching the videos of Canadian Jordan Peterson for the last couple of years. Brilliant social commentator. So I was surprised when I watched on youtube a long form interview with Joe Rogan. Turns out that both JP and his daughter suffer from extreme auto immune disease and depression. After much experimentation they settled on the Carnivore diet. 100% meat. All the time every time. In whatever quantity satisfies their hunger. Their problems went away plus they lost prodigious amounts of weight. The other day his young daughter also sat down with Rogan. Fascinating. I believe that radical approach is a variant of the Atkins diet from 50 yrs ago.

  3. Don’t like the dietary advice the government published today? Take heart; five years from now they will surely publish a report that says almost exactly the opposite.

    Furthermore, BOTH studies are probably based on misunderstandings about medical research that was cutting edge….ten years ago.

  4. “Red meat is bad for you.”

    Ridiculous. Green, fuzzy meat — now, that’s bad for you.

  5. The lipid theory of heart disease is pretty much on it’s death bed. Carbs, and the associated vascular inflammation that comes with eating mass quantities of them, is now what dietary science is focusing on.

    The body of science that claimed fat was Bad™ was basically a whole lot of bull cookies, but the small cabal behind the movement sold the US government, and thus the official dietary recommendation of the United States gave rise to huge increases in obesity, Type II diabetes, and all sorts of other maladies.

    Gary Taubes has been beating the drum about high carbs for many years.

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