1. Looking forward to tomorrow’s post. I saw Bob Dylan in 1968 or 69 – old timer’s disease is creeping up on me – we sat in the cheap seats and I remember that I was outraged because I had to pay $4.50 for a ticket. In my humble opinion Dylan never had that great of a voice but the whole anti-establishment thing made him popular. Many years late I worked a Rolling Stones concert at the University of Oklahoma in the late 90s. The Stones were doing the “Bridges to Babylon” tour and we had T-shirts made up with a “Badges to Babylon” logo. I shook hands with all of the guys and came away rejecting the idea that “drugs won’t hurt you”. It wasn’t my jurisdiction and did what the OU guys wanted. We couldn’t arrest 50.000 people on drug charges. It was a fun night and I still have the T-shirt in my collection.

    1. Concerning drugs and The Stones; I stumbled across a Mad Magazine satire anti-drug poster that the DEA REALLY should have licensed; Picture of Keith Richards in all his desiccated glory, with the cation “Sometimes drugs don’t kill you. Sometimes they turn you into Keith Richards”

      With the picture used, believe me, that wasn’t an attractive prospect.

      1. It’s time to consider what kind of a world we’re going to be leaving for Keith Richards

  2. Hmmm, a lot of Stoner Songs, there were a lot of great songs in the 1960’s, High School Grad in 63, we had so damn many songs a person could dance to. A few of these I really liked but spending the last three years of that decade overseas in the military there were a lot of other songs that I liked better. Because these things are personal choices I won’t say bad stuff about anyone else’s choice but damn, we had great music and the women were beautiful.

  3. Now, being a 1940 model who hears and plays and invents a lot of music, I was familiar with the examples in the video, though they were heard all through a radio medium in either Berkeley or Fort Bragg NC. And have little to say in a complimentary way of either the video and its chopped-up examples, or the blatherbabe who sees fit to ‘explain’ them. Others’ impressions will differ, but music carves a very personal record here. The cavortings of video performances mostly detract from the quality of the audio and the arrangements and compositions. So will be keen to see the Sunday post, though skeptical.

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