1. As Alan (Albert Brooks) said in “Broadcast News”, I guess if the news isn’t covering it, it isn’t news, is it?

  2. About a year and a half before I left NJ there was a case where some gang bangers invaded house occupied by a bunch college students. The goblins pistol whipped the males, tied them up, then proceeded to rape the girlfriends at the leisure. Never saw word of it in print or online.

  3. God I can’t wait to get out of Jersey.

    Barely a peep in our local press.

    A few months back, a girl was raped in a nice little UMC artsy-fartsy town where Hate Has No Home. You know the type of place. Underneath the facade of high class thrift shops, art dealers, cute cafes, and farm-to-table this and that, is a whole lot of section 8 housing for the squatemalens who provide cheap pizza delivery and lawn care to the effete elites whom occupy real estate they never ever see.

    So, back to the rape…yeah. Immediate speculation that it was a Hispanic gang. Of course the local women’s shame-on-you Finger Waggers International was on the case telling us not to jump to conclusions… and then it was confirmed, illegal hispanic raped the girl…

    Guess what? F******g crickets from Finger Waggers International.

    Husband makes a decent living here. Family is here. But damn it all if I don’t want to find some isolated spot on a south facing mountain and never see anyone but hubs and kids again.

    Squires, sounds similar to an event that happened while I was at Rutgers. Off campus housing was a life or death gamble. I lived close enough to campus to commute. Thank god for that.

    1. This was New Brunswick. I used to be a regular at McCormick’s and the Court Tavern.

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