Settled Science

when it comes to coffee:

Every day seems to deliver a new story about caffeine. One day it’s good for you, the next it’s to be avoided.
But a recent large scale study suggests not only do coffee and caffeine give us an ‘energy boost’, they also benefit our health.
The British Medical Journal published an umbrella review that showed the health benefits of caffeine and coffee far outweighed the risks.
The optimum health benefits of caffeine come from about 3-4 cups a day.

I know, I know… yer not gonna cut your coffee intake in half, no matter what the scientists say.

For the record, I drink Krispy Kreme “Smooth” blend coffee from K-cups. (yeah, go ahead and call it sacrilege: according to the coffee fanatics, I should grow my own beans, roast them myself, and grind only the freshest ones for my coffee needs. The only problem with that rigmarole is I wouldn’t have time left in the day to do anything else. I don’t distill my own single malt Scotch; why should I do the same for my coffee?)

Then again, no doubt some doctors would take issue with my other approach:

…but they’re just a bunch of old spoilsports.


  1. I’ve been using a Keurig for 3 or 4 years but I don’t use K-cups. Not because I’m a filthy hippie who loves Mother Gaia (though the amount of plastic waste generated by K-cups is enormous) but because my Scottish heritage rebels at the thought of spending $0.50/cup for coffee when I can buy a whole can of coffee (that will yield 400 – 500 cups) for the price of 12 k-cups (six bucks at the commissary.)

    I’ve been using a refillable cup since I got the Keurig. Not only does it save me a lot of money but I can choose exactly what kind of coffee I want to drink, I’m not limited by what K-cups happen to be in stock. As an added bonus, I save the grounds in a coffee can and the wife uses them on her flowers.

  2. I’ve been drinking coffee for about two years, as an alternative to all the sodas I was drinking. While my soda consumption hasn’t really gone down all that much, I do loves me some coffee.

    Meanwhile, CGP Grey would approve these findings:

  3. Considering that most scientific studies are unreproducible, I’d take any study with 5 grains of salt until they could actually reproduce it multiple times.

    In the meantime, a coffee a day keeps the blahs away.

    Dave? Drop the sodas. That shit is poison.

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