Old Essays

I’ve had quite a few requests from Longtime Readers to republish some of my older essays, and sadly a lot of them seem to have crumbled into dust, digitally speaking. To my great delight, however, while paging through my archives, I stumbled upon all the old Gun Thing Articles I wrote lo those many years ago.

Unfortunately, a lot of them have become dated — overtaken by recent events, referring to obscure / forgotten public figures, and so on. So what I’d like to do is republish them, but I am going to “refresh” them with new perspectives, or else I’ll simply cut the offending passages out. In the next post you’ll see the first of these. I may make them a regular weekend feature; we’ll see.

What is quite interesting is how well a lot of them have stood up to time, whether in sentiment or, amazingly, in their predictions.



  1. Mr. Bystander is correct.
    Quite eloquent!
    I remember reading it when you originally posted it. Still, and always will be, accurate and appropriate.
    It was this posting (as well as “The Pussification of America” and Connies post on Mark Twain) that drew me to you and Connie.
    Ever after, I’ve considered myself a member of the “Nation of Riflemen”!
    A heart-felt “Thank you!” to you and Connie!

    Ed Hamilton

    (Side-note: Maybe its time for another run of T-shirts, eh?)

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