And Another Thing

Mostly in reaction to all this “Boo-hoo!” / “guns are eeeevil” / “let’s ban all guns” / “think of the chilluns” bullshit from the Usual Suspects (GFWs, Commies, Leftists, academics, journalists, intellectuals and other assorted filth, you know who they are), I’d like to make an announcement:

The Gratuitous Gun Pics feature will soon reappear on these pages.

It’s a moral imperative. Here’s an appetizer, taken from a range session I had with Mr. Free Market at TDSA several years ago:

The funny thing about this pic is that all those guns supposedly came from my personal collection at the time, but I have absolutely no idea how the little SIG .22 Mosquito (top left) got there; I don’t remember buying one (I’ve never owned a SIG of any description), and it’s no longer in Ye Olde Gunne Sayfe either, so it’s a complete mystery. Also, for those interested: the Ruger Blackhawk (top center) was chambered in .30 Carbine.

And I would kill to get the stainless S&W Mod 65 back (third from bottom). If the current owner sees this post, send me an email, willya?


  1. I am SO triggered right now.

    (Because I don’t have access to any of those beauties right now)

  2. Yes, holding up a “WTF, I don’t remember buying this” is scary/delightful, isn’t it?

  3. That looks like a Rossi gallery gun up top.

    I’ve wanted one for so long, but they’re way too pricey.

  4. KdT, ole buddy, old pal.
    I am a tad concerned with the last sentence of your post. You ask for the owner of the S&W to make himself ( or herself ) know, because you wish to own it once more. Then you add that you “would kill to get it back”. If I currently possessed it, I would keep extremely quiet lest a chap like you turns up wanting to take it back. For Heaven’s sake, the last thing I want is a shoot-out against you. After 2.7 shots you would still be standing, and I could well be horizontal.
    Anyhow, I do not have a model 65, but I do have a S&W 63. And I am keeping it.
    (Name and address not supplied)
    Yours faithfully
    The Tout

  5. scary part is that is about half of what I have then gun room.

    Mine is more around one or six chamberings but who is counting.

    One of the Taurus plinkers would look nice next to the autos and bolts, but then I would need a lever to balance the collection.

    Always interesting to peruse these pages.

  6. Is that 92C stainless?
    During the last ammo shortage (‘12?) I mistakenly bought two cases of subsonic .22lr Eley. They weren’t .22lr in length, and didn’t have enough to cycle my semi auto .22s. I ended up buying a Ruger Bearcat and a used Taurus 62 to use them. I don’t trust Taurus, but love my 62. I wish they still made the Winchester 62a.

  7. My table would have more military surplus. I see a couple, maybe a few…. oh all right most of the ones on your table I’d enjoy.

    And those grips look like polymer, not pearl; maybe a type meant to imitate ivory.

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