1. I have seen this photo before but have no suggested caption at all.

    Heinlein wrote many years ago that women, unlike men, have no genuine nudity taboo whatever. There is no part of their body that is not subject to painting and display at the whim of fashion.

    Mark my words, sooner or later we’ll have women running about with brightly coloured make-up on their exposed shaved vaginas wearing “clothing” designed to highlight the exposure. Even worse, it will be women of all ages, the horror.

  2. Dear Ex-husband – – – – After I caught you screwing the baby sitter, took you to the cleaners in the divorce, got a fantastic boob job, just want to send you a reminder that you will never kiss my magnificent ass again.

  3. “Hey, I was alone and I just wanted to make sure I got the sunscreen everywhere. Really. No, really!”

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