Dept. Of Righteous Shootings – 2017 Roundup

Courtesy of some smart guy (sorry, lost track of who you are) comes this excellent summary of over two dozen cases where citizens whacked goblins during 2017.

Feel free to comment on your own favorite, but mine is this one:

A man was shot and killed by his ex-girlfriend after he allegedly threatened her and showed up to her house with an “assault rifle.” The incident occurred in Florida’s Pasco County around 10:30 pm. According to Fox 13 News, law enforcement officials said 45-year-old Frank Harrison had “previously threatened his ex-girlfriend.” When she saw him approaching her home she opened the front door and shot him dead before he could enter.

Preemptive gunfire… hubba hubba.


  1. that is the hardest mind set to train into people. Women in particular. See the threat and neutralize it before it has a chance to do anything. would put an end to a lot of the ANTIFA bull hockey.

    1. Well, true Floridians- those who’s roots go back to before the Rat colonized Orlando- are a rare breed. Most of those labeled as “Florida Man” are originally from Michigan or New Jersey. Or somewhere in Latin America, if you go down far enough.

  2. Naturally my Republic of Texas is well represented but a tip of the hat to the THREE Taco Bell employees who pulled.

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