1. A most wonderful thing about being an old man, and there are not too many. Last night I stayed home, had two shots of Single Malt Scotch with a bit of water and talked to my kids as they and their families experienced New Years starting with daughter who lives South of Savannah, where her husband works in the gun industry for an excellent company. She was amazed at the fireworks all around her house that went on for several hours, might be because lots of military live around her.

    Then we, linking all that stuff together talked to kids who live here in South Texas and things were much colder than usual and calmer. They returned to town after spending some days at Port Aransas where the fishing was rather good this year. We will have a nice fish fry tonight.

    And after that we spoke our son and his wife who live in Gunnison welcome in the New Year where the fireworks look great against the snow. They just returned yesterday from NYC where they were comfortable while others were freezing.

    Meanwhile I was home, warm and comfortable and that’s the end of my old man story. Also all my sons and sons in law are gun guys who enjoy competition shooting. COME AND GET IT as we who live less than an hour from the Alamo like to say.

  2. Man has to have some goals for the year or you might as well call and end to it.

    Hope you find you find a muse.

    1. The problem with muses is that you don’t find them, they find you. If you are lucky the physical altercation when they choose you is relatively painless. At the beginning. They are harsh task mistresses and just won’t let go of an idea…until the next idea strikes them.

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