5 Worst Places To Have Sex For The First Time

For men or women:

  • The seaside (where you’ll soon discover why sandpaper used to be made with beach sand)
  • Lena Dunham’s bedroom
  • Any public restroom
  • On an active movie set or at a frat house party (pretty much the same thing, nowadays)
  • Harvey Weinstein’s hotel room

Your suggestions in Comments. Extra points if it’s a place where you actually had sex for the first time.




  1. Can’t really label it the worst; just marginally amusing. I spent my high school summer vacations deckhanding on fishing boats. I was de-virginized during the summer of my 17th year, in the focsle of the vessel I was employed on that year: ’twas called… wait for it… the Lucky Strike.

    The young lady may have rated it the worst. Or at the very least, an unremarkable 20 seconds she’d never get back.

  2. #3 on your list was actually my first. One of the faculty bathrooms at my high school — i.e., a single toilet, locking bathroom.

    She and I both had a rather nice time of it actually.

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