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…at Free Market Towers, where little has changed, of course. There may be a new servant or two, but I haven’t seen them yet — no doubt, I’ll make their acquaintance at the next flogging.

Speaking of which, a friend sent me a genuine hippo-hide sjambok as a present, which of course I’m going to pass on to the Free Markets.

The servants are not going to enjoy this…


  1. I’m about to give my sister one of the Cold Steel synthetic ones…she’s raising a granddaughter with an obedience problem.

  2. When my second brother was born my mothers mother gave my Dad a 12 foot bull whip. Said she thought it might come in handy some day.

    It was coiled on the wall outside our door waiting the call. It was used once when we would not quiet down when we were in bed. In the dark it makes an impressive crack which immediately created silence in the room.

    My kids are grown for the most part but I might need to get one of this just because.

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