Journey Across No Man’s Land

…begins this afternoon, wherein your Humble Narrator leaves the warmth and comfort of Hardy Country for the metropolis of Londonistan:

For no reason at all, I’m starting to miss my Springfield 1911…

Anyway, I’ll be spending a couple-three days here and crossing two items off Ye Olde Buckette Lyste (details to follow) before heading north to Scottishland to check off yet a third: the Royal Military Tattoo in Edinburgh.


  1. I too will be doing the same trip at the same time! Arrive in London on Sunday night, train to Edinburgh on Wednesday, and the Tattoo on Thursday night! Maybe we will bump into each other.

    Otherwise, have a great time!

  2. How are you travelling up north? If you’ve not got a ticket booked, try and snag a ticket for a berth on the sleeper service (skip the sleeper seats).

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