Good Question

This had me howling:

I remember once having a conversation in a staff cafeteria with a woman who stated without embarrassment that she had a 54-point checklist that she applied towards any guy who wanted to date her. One of the guys at the table (and no, it wasn’t me) asked her pointedly: “And what do you bring to the party?”

As she was not particularly attractive, she had nothing to say other than, “My intelligence and good conversation.”

Afterwards, another of the guys said, “She doesn’t even have those,” amid murmurs of agreement.

Ladies: you need to do a clinical self-assessment of why any man would want to date you, before you draw up your list of desirable attributes in a mate.


  1. I ask this in all seriousness because I don’t know – I was kinda chosen by my girl back in high school and that was that for that… been happily married now for 33 years.

    In any event do you guys even draw up lists for possible contestants in the dating game? If so, what would you put on it?

    1. Don’t ask me; I look at all women these days as I would an angry black mamba, or else as a garden slug — i.e. they’re either terrifyingly dangerous or else so awful that I can safely ignore them.
      Fortunately, age and experience have given me the wherewithal to spot the first type a mile away.

    2. Well, a member of the brain trust in the New England regional firearm forum once directed us to this graphical classification scheme:

      The Wife Zone Chart – how to find a girlfriend the right way.

      Of course, your mileage may vary.

  2. And the very women who have those long lists of requirements also bemoan the fact that there are “no good men out there”. I worked with a woman who was always crying about being single. She swore like a sailor, her clothes were always stained, and she (I’m not making this up) broke wind with a frequency that would put your average bull to shame. Seriously, she once drove me out of my cubicle, and when I suggested she might wish to visit the ladies room she said “Yeah, I need to take a sh*t”. Real class act. A co-worker and I were following her down the hall one day (at a distance) as she propelled herself along, and he turned to me and said “And she’s single, go figure”.

  3. Its like they have something special that we should want. Other than baby making there is little one can do for me. that being said I have been married for 32 years now and she is still trying to attract me, so I guess I picked one of the better models to be had.

    If you can find one where their crazy meshes with yours you will be happy for a long time. Does not get any better than that.

  4. The manosphere talks about the “red pill”. The truth is, men don’t need one…women do. (and Dr. Laura has made a career out of that point for the last 25 years)

  5. Women as a whole are delusional. Delusion is one of their strongest emotions. I could add my own stories, but why bother. There is ample documentation on the subject.

    I will add that the most vile, entitled creature on the planet is your average, western white woman.

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