Selling It Short(s)

Apparently, the LPGA is cracking down on female golfers’ attire, because dignity or something.

Clearly, this is to make professional women’s golf even less attractive to male TV viewers and -spectators.

If we take the lovely Paige Spiranac, for instance (and who wouldn’t?), we’d be going from this:

to this:

All nonsense, of course. As I’ve often said before: if anything, the LPGA should loosen dress codes on their circuit — hell, let them play topless — if they want more men to watch the women play their inferior golf (and thereby get more sponsorship and TV money).

Imagine if we could watch the lovely young Paige playing in this (forbidden) outfit:

Okay, maybe she could lose the heels, just for the tournament. But let me tell you, even without the heels I might be persuaded to watch women’s golf again…



  1. Notice that Miss Spiranac’s new “modest” outfit leaves little to the imagination except the extent of her suntan. Attractive women will always find a way; a great example is “modestly” attired young Indian women in their snake-hipped saris. Apparently, it’s only the ugly ones who don’t want to be (at least partially) viewed as a sex object.

    1. I was walking through the “internal” side of the airport in Kuwait, and there were muslim wimmin folk in 90% burka (face was showing) where you could *almost* read the tag on their bra.

  2. I’ll start watching golf on television after I’ve finished seasons 1 – 100 of “Watching Paint Dry.”

    Seems to me that watching OTHER people play golf is the only thing I can imagine that is actually more boring than PLAYING golf.

    But then again, I have a couple of motorcycles and I live in Colorado so if it’s a sunny, warm day (“warm” for motorcycle purposes being anything above about 40 degrees) I won’t be anywhere near a golf course unless I’m zipping by at supra-legal speeds. 😉

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