Sound And Fury, Signifying Nothing

That’s been my general media attitude to the breathless headlines about Trump, Russia and all that jive. I have been getting wearied of it all, because it seems endless. But The Coldly-Furious One nails it, right here:

And that’s what it all comes down to now, I think. The Left’s target isn’t Trump now; maybe it never was. The target is Trump’s supporters. They hope to demoralize us, to make us disengage, to inspire us to resignation and defeatism and acceptance of the eternal status quo. They want us to believe that the Swamp can never be drained, to believe that Trump is a fraud who never had any intention of draining it in the first place. They want us to throw up our hands and walk away.

Remember: the lie told often enough becomes truth. What the Left is doing is not uttering the same lie, but different shades of the same lie — Trump did something with Russia that enabled him to steal the election, and if it wasn’t this, then it was that, or that, or that. And all along, all those thises and thats were baseless, groundless and in many cases, pure fabrications and/or wishful thinking.

Using yet another old cliche: throw enough mud, and some of it will stick — to the point where even cynics like myself start thinking yet a third cliche: with all this smoke, there must be fire. But there’s no fire. There’s just noise and incoherent rage, and no substance to any of it. Which is the paraphrase of this post’s title.

Ignore this nonsense, therefore. In fact, ignore what Trump’s doing, too. Let’s focus instead on the Republican Congress, and ask them why the fuck they haven’t been able to come close to fulfilling a single one of their party leader’s campaign promises? Tax reform? Not a word. Repealing ObamaCare? Nothing.

The only thing the Republican Party has been able to do since Trump was elected has been whatever Trump has done by himself.

And guess what? Next year is primary season. Maybe it’s time for We The Voters to start draining the Republican swamp, and installing people who really do want to make America great, again.


  1. Never forget Robert Conquest’s laws 2 and 3:
    “2. Any organization not explicitly and constitutionally right-wing will sooner or later become left-wing.
    3. The behavior of any bureaucratic organization can best be understood by assuming that it is controlled by a secret cabal of its enemies.”

    Which perfectly explain what has happened to the GOP – enmoled by commies and rent-seeking bureaucrats.

  2. The Russia thing is pretty funny, when you get down to it.

    For about a hundred years now, the American Left has been pro-Socialist/Communist, at least by inaction, and at worst by direct public support. The default right wing position has been “don’t trust the Soviets/Russians,” and the left has made fun of that “reactionary” mode – while, of course, trying to get on well with whatever nasty person is running that part of the world. “See how unreasonable the GOP is about those lovely people in the Soviet Union?”

    Now, they’ve fallen on this “Putin fixed the election” narrative, not because they’re anti-Russian, but because they believe, deep in their hearts, that everyone who’s to the right of Bernie Sanders is a mindless, frothing-at-the-mouth Commie-hater. That means that, by making even the flimsiest “Trump is a Russian agent” accusation, the right wing will automatically, without thought, turn on Trump. The Dems are deeply puzzled as to why this hasn’t worked so far…

  3. There isn’t even smoke. There’s just a hysterical shrew insisting over and over that she smells smoke everywhere, even though you’ve never smelled it yourself.

    The only person we know colluded with the Russians to influence a presidential election was Ted Kennedy in 1983.

  4. I understand there’s a Naturalized American citizen who has recently suffered a personal loss who may need to establish a new direction in his life……and, it’s a part-time job anyway so you don’t have to be all that serious about it(Heh).

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