Trigger Time 1

Tomorrow afternoon, Mr. FM and I will be off to Royal Bisley or somewhere to shoot some guns. For my stay, my generous host has reached deep into his gun safe(s) and made available to me the following:

From the top, they are

  • Blaser R93 in 6.5x55mm Swede (my favorite medium cartridge of all time) — Mr. FM even put a wooden stock back onto the piece for me, such is his hospitality — and yes, that’s a Swarovski 4-12x scope resting on it.
  • GMK Kestrel in 20ga. I cannot wait to put this little beauty through her paces, but she’ll have to wait till we get to a sporting clay facility.
  • Norwegian Army surplus K98 “Sniper” in 7.62x51mm NATO — ooooh, baby, come to Papa. (I may try to buy this one from Mr. FM, but I fear his hospitality does have some limits, damn it.)

There will also be some .300 WinMag frivolity — apparently, Combat Controller left his Scotland Deer Slayer rifle and a few hundred rounds of “test” ammo behind, and wants me to make sure his rifle still functions properly after an accident the last time he was Over Here. Well, who can resist the request of a friend, right?

No doubt my shoulder will be owie after all that fun, but a few pints of 6X / gin should take care of it.

Feel free to vent feelings of jealous rage, etc. in Comments.


  1. Oh that Mauser is purty….

    A few years ago wife and I were visiting friends in Georgia, and the male half was getting guns together to go sell at a gun show. He had a SWEET 7mm Mauser with a Mannlicher stock that, if I didn’t have to fly back to NJ, I’d have given him cash on the spot for.

    1. I’ve bought guns on travel. Including a cased pair of Gastinne-Renette duellers that I picked up in France. Getting the guns back was straightforward, as I had a dedicated gun case with me…packing the wooden pistol case and accoutrements into my luggage took creative packing.

  2. Mr. FM is a true Gentleman, gracious host, and obviously someone who knows how to be a true Friend (caps intentional). Enjoy yourself and heal your soul. You deserve it.

  3. Nice Mauser.
    So for evening cricket how do they decide how many overs to play? I presume short matches are more offensively oriented. T20’s are too short, tests too long. I’m more a fan of 50-60 over odi’s. And due to geographic proximity and the fact that USACA sucks, my go to side is the Windies, even with their cricket board issues. We actually have a purpose-built pitch here in SW Okieland. Given the Indian expat community I’m surprised there aren’t more.

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