On The Road (1)

Blogging will be scarce, and possibly even of lower quality than normal, as I’m driving to visit a friend in another state. (No flying until I have to, thank you very much.) I’ll try to post while on the road, but I’ll be at the mercy of the Fleabagge Motel’s wi-fi, so if nothing appears, that’s the reason.

In the meantime, enjoy a little eye candy:

It’s the Beretta Model 75 in .22LR, and it’s the gun I learned to shoot handguns with. I’ve been spoiled ever since by the experience.


  1. Every time I think you’re back and have really hit your stride, you go and post something like this… and I realize you were just getting warmed up. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed these posts. And Janine Turner.

  2. I do like beautiful conservative Texas ladies like Janine Turner and add Angie Harmon to that too.

  3. Yup. Lovely lady.

    My first pistol was a Colt Woodsman. Later, a lovely inheritance was my grandmother’s “squirrel gun”, a 4″ First Model Woodsman.

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