BP Rising

…and I’m not talking about the share price of British Petroleum, either.

In this the latest of my forays into blogging, I’ve pretty much steered clear of commenting on current events because a.) we won and b.) I’ve enjoyed the sight of the Left running around with their collective hair on fire.

However, when stumbling across this bullshit via Insty, I have to ask the Left: do you really want to go where this will take you? Here’s what I’m alluding to.

Imagine a crowd of Trump supporters having a peaceful protest at the Saul Alinsky Park in, say, Seattle. Imagine too that for their protection against violent counter-protesters (see the link above for examples), a number of people like, say, me have surrounded the Trump supporters; people who are ready to combat violence with ultra-violence in self-defense.

Needless to say, when the first dozen or so “antifa” thugs (anti-fascist, very cute) get their bones broken and and heads cracked, they’re going to run like frightened rabbits…

…only to find their escape routes blocked by yet another group of Trump’s supporters with a similar attitude to the first, and yet more bones are broken and skulls cracked.

I mention this set of tactics because it was one of many that I learned while training for COINOPS (counter-insurgency operations) back in a real fascist country, South Africa, as part of my military service.

So I repeat the question: do you little snowflake antifascistas really want to go down this road? Because I promise you: we know a hell of a lot more about this stuff than you do. And the police aren’t going to protect your precious little asses forever; at some point, it’ll be Kent State redux, only with more casualties. A lot more casualties. Sure, you may get the propaganda victory… but you’ll be dead and won’t get to enjoy it.

To quote the Emperor Misha in another context: tick tock, assholes. Middle America is patient, but our patience isn’t endless.


  1. Go to Twitter and look at the results for the hashtag #basedstickman. He’s a Trump supporter who swung at an Antifa’s head and scored a hit, breaking his stick (and presumably the Antifa’s head) in the process. He’s been arrested. There’s some funny memes already, including a photoshop of Based Stick Man at the Iwo Jima flag raising.

  2. I live in NJ and work in Brooklyn, NY (I know, poor me). My commute takes me thru lower Manhattan, where I have to switch from the PATH train (from Hoboken, NJ to lower Manhattan) to the NYC subway. A few years ago when Occupy Wall Street was a thing, one evening they decided to link arms in front of the Path train entrance to block commuter access to the train. Yeah, you’re gonna help the 98% by keeping them from getting home after a day of work (something you apparently don’t do, or you’d be doing it instead of camping in a park and crapping on cop cars).

    Well, blocking my way home is not a good idea on several levels. I’m grouchy (ok, grouchier) after a day of work. I’m tired, hungry, and want to go home. And I’m not a small person. So I just walked straight ahead at the “protesters”, and they decided unlinking and letting me thru was a good idea. Another night someone asked if he could talk to me about the 2%, I said “No”, he grabbed my arm. I told him “Take your hand off my arm, or I’ll take it off your arm.”

    Yeah, it’s one thing to sucker-punch someone out of nowhere, then curb-stomp him. It’s quite another to go after someone who came ready, willing and able to meet violence with violence.

  3. Silly little Bolshies. The fools think that they’re going to start the Revolution, that the Proletariat is going to rise up, and cast off the shackles of the Amerikkkan system.
    The “System” you hate so very much is not in place to protect the Bourgeois. It’s there to keep the actual Proletariat from stringing you lot up from the lamppost. And honestly, that is a very bad thing, even if it does appeal.

    One of the purposes of the Rule of Law is to prevent lynch mobs and vigilante “justice”. Lynch mobs tend to be indiscriminate and hasty, plus mob justice is an oxymoron.
    But, if the state apparatus of justice refuses to act, the people will step up.

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