Blithering Idiots

Here’s a priceless piece of governmental stupidity:

It is, as they say nowadays, to LOL.

The question thus begged, especially with the ban on extra-domicile sex, is of course:  how the FUCK are you going to enforce all that?

All this nonsense is just clear evidence of government bureaucrats having too much time on their hands, to be able to come up with all these nitpicking stupid rules.

And for those who think we Murkins are much better than that, I invite you to peruse the federal tax code sometime.

Except that the godless fucking I.R.S. is quite capable of, and quite prepared to enforce every last little clause and sub-clause, the fuckers.

The rioters on both sides of the Atlantic are burning the wrong buildings.

Stasi-Town, Texas

After the Berlin Wall came down and Germany was reunited, it was discovered that almost one third of the former East Germans and well over half of East Berliners were informants for the Stasi (secret police).

So I read this article with amusement:

Just when you thought the Coronavirus snitching outbreak couldn’t get any worse, the societal virus continues to spread. Austin Mayor Steve Adler decided to channel his inner Kim Jong Un on Monday when he announced an extension of the city’s shelter-in-place orders.
But it was the decision to urge Austinites to rat out their neighbors that raised eyebrows. As you might imagine, the Karens of the city took Adler’s exhortation to heart.
The mayor declared that the updated version of the order, which mandated the closure of non-essential businesses and the implementation of social distancing practices, would now require residents to wear face masks when they go out in public. The new order extends the restrictions to May 8.
According to the Mayor, the city will impose penalties against those caught in public without wearing the face coverings. These punishments could include fines of up to $1,000 and even jail time. Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhart, who was with the Mayor during the announcement, said: “There certainly will be enforcement if we do not see a community-wide embrace of social distancing and appropriate masking.” She added, “If we see really egregious violations that are threatening community health, we will certainly enforce.”
Mayor Adler then stated that they are hoping for Austinites to “self-police,” and affirmed that “these kinds of orders carry with them criminal penalties and the force of law.” At this point, he urged residents to report those who are not complying with the order. “If you see violations in the community, construction sites, restaurants, it’d be good to call 311 and let the city and the county know that that’s happening.”

Read the whole piece to see how bad it is.

Considering, in the words of our governor, that Austin is the blueberry in the bowl of tomato soup that is Texas, none of this should come as a surprise.  You see, it’s the voters who elect big-government Big Brother we-know-what’s-best-for-you Marxist assholes like Adler and Eckhart into office — so why should we be surprised when these same voters also feel that they know how best other people should conduct their lives?

I’m not much of a betting man, but I would wager a considerable sum of money that over 90% of the snitches are Democrat voters or if not, they’re definitely members of the hippie-Green-ultra-Marxist asswipes who infest Austin like so many vegan cockroaches.

I know the apparent paradox:  as a rule, Greens want most of the world’s population to die off;  they just don’t want to be part of that number because, you see, they deserve to live more than the gun-clinging bitter-fascist Bible-thumping Trumpalos do.

Marxists, fascists and Greens (some overlap) have no problem with people dying — as long as it’s the Others doing the perishing.  (And for the most extreme of them, they themselves would have no problems with causing the dying or holding the coats of those who do.)

Here’s another bet that nobody will take from me:  most of these Karens are women.  (Knowing Austin as I do:  the few male snitches will have gray ponytails and drive around in a Prius, old Mercedes or -Volvo with “Beto” or “Bernie” decals on the back fenders.)

I’ve often referred to Austin as “Moscow On The Colorado”, but of late I’m starting to think that I’m slandering the Muscovites.

Bravo, Sheriff

Here we go:

“All these years, you have told us that you want law enforcement that thinks before arresting, doesn’t violate your rights and treats their citizens with decency,” he wrote. “Now you have that and are asking us to regress into what you didn’t want and didn’t deserve. Please let us be the law enforcement you always asked us to be. Non-oppressive. We are not stormtroopers. We are peacekeepers.”

And there’s still more excellent American-ness and Constitutionalism in the link.  For those not familiar with the geography, DuPage County is kinda like Collin County here in Texas:  a Republican district on the border of a large Democrat-controlled city shithole (Chicago and Dallas, respectively).

So here’s to you, Gov. Pritzker of Illinois:

I can’t wait for Fatboi to mobilize his Panzergruppen  (a.k.a. state police) to deal with this upstart sheriff.  He may first want to check where most of those staties come from (hint:  not Chicago), but wisdom is not a characteristic of Democrat state governors (see:  Vito Corleone Cuomo in NYFS, Vladimir Lenin Newsom in Kalifuckingfornia and Irma Grese Gretchen Witmer in the Michigan Sonderlager ).

And here’s to you, Sheriff Jim Mendrick, from all of us Real Americans:

New Regs

In talking about yet another example of California foolishness, this statement caught my eye:

The rebuilt economy taking shape is based on freelancers working from home. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey just said his employees could work from home “forever.”

I expect that California, New York and the rest of the Usual Suspects will soon pass regulations that specify that “home offices” will need a special state inspection certificate, require that home offices must have x, y and z facilities, need to show proof of regular cleaning and maintenance… you get the idea.  All, of course, to harass people who just want to earn a living, and work in a manner which suits them.  Why would the government do this, you may ask?

Because they can.

You heard it here first.

Well, That Sucks

Some smart guy at RedState gets all lawyerly on us, and explains why we won’t see the entire Obama crime family administration dangling from the gibbet anytime soon:

We can all agree that the IC and FBI certainly abused their power, but there is no crime listed in the US Code called “abuse of power.”
Although I would like to see them “perp walked” in handcuffs and leg irons in orange jumpsuits and unshaven faces, I don’t think it is in the cards or the law books. It is a shame because we all know they did wrong. The big question is what technically it was they did wrong that would stand up in a court of law.

Reading his whole article, I reluctantly have to agree with him.

Worse yet, I read this after I’d finished my breakfast pint of gin, and I have a cast-iron rule not to have another drink until after noon.

So now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s time to clean a few of my guns.