Certain things in life cannot be explained, e.g.:

…and this:

…how this doofus ever became famous:

…and why people continue to believe that government-made levees won’t fail:

But in that set of of inexplicable things, this headline tops all of them:

Here’s what I don’t understand:  how the hell did this story ever get out?

Did the hairdresser brag about her feat on Faecesbook?  Were the hairdresser’s customers alerted to this man’s predicament by his muffled screams, and called the cops?

OR:  did this helpless victim get free (either by being released by his captor, or somehow breaking free by his own efforts)… and then complain about it to the cops?  What kind of man would do that?

And (if the newspaper account of this escapade is to be believed) even as the former were the case, why did the cops take him seriously?

Now if the hairdresser looked like this, then maybe I could understand it better.

…but once again, if the article is to be believed, she wasn’t that bad-looking (with the “Russian caveat”* in effect).

So… did this helpless sex slave think he was going to get his own back on her (so to speak) by shopping her to the cops?  If so, that worked out really  well for him, as he was tossed into jail for the action which got him into this predicament in the first place, and where he was likely to be raped again, only by men and without the after-sex reward of food, money and a pair of jeans.

Like I said:  inexplicable.

*the Russian caveat:  not all young Russian women look like worn-out Moscow street prostitutes, but it’s the safe way to bet.

News Roundup

News snippets, snippy comments.

1) Aggrieved former employee shoots people in brewerysee, that’s your “cultural appropriation” right there:  the brother used a (White man’s) gun and not a culturally-appropriate machete.  Couple of ancillary notes:  he didn’t use a black rifle, or else that would be all over the news, you betcha;  and he wasn’t allowed to own a gun because of a previous felony — not that this stopped him, of course, nor will you hear about this little factoid in the news.

2) China blames racism for corona virus fearsanything to deflect attention from the fact that these evil fucks were playing with this shit in a government laboratory as part of bio-warfare weapons development, and it got out by accident.  Just for that, I hope that millions of Chinese die from it, and maybe they’ll be dissuaded from these reindeer games in future.

3) China sends ducks to Muslim Pakistan to fight locust swarmsI suppose it would be churlish to suggest that the Pakis test the ducks for the corona virus.

4) Chinese city caught lying about corona virus statswait… Commies lie?  Does Bernie know about this?

5) Huge menu changesprobably a little late for that, but whateverSan Francisco’s and New York’s Chinatown hardest hit.

That’s enough virus nonsense.  In other news:

6) Most women only tolerate sexas any man over the age of 30 knows well.

7) Democrat candidates say all sorts of things [no links, why bother] — don’t care.  It’s either a pack of lies or else Communist policy [some overlap].

Finally, Headline Of The Week:

Nicolas Cage arrives in NYC carrying stuffed beluga and holding hands with mystery ‘girlfriend’… after taking her to visit his OWN TOMB in New Orleans

…because that’s how Nick Cage rolls, man.

It’s Heistin’ Time In The Old Country

Here’s yet another reason not to have anything to do with South Africa:

There has been at least one cash-in-transit (CIT) heist a day nationally since the beginning of the year.

The report is dated Feb 14, but there’s no reason to suppose that the trend hasn’t continued.  And to show that the choirboys have moved with the times:

Anti-crime advocate Yusuf Abramjee said it was worrying that CIT robbers had become so brazen, and that they were using more explosives to blow up the vans.

There’s a guy with job security.  It’s like being a condom salesman during Fleet Week, only the number of ships in port grows each day.  (It’s also a bullshit job;  other than the criminals, who isn’t an anti-crime advocate?)

And the final touch:

National police spokesperson Brigadier Vish Naidoo said that not all the CIT incidents were categorised as heists because an incident is only considered a heist if the suspects get away with money.

That’s like being held up at gunpoint, but not characterizing it as “violent” crime because the thief didn’t shoot you.

Can’t remember who sent me the article, but many thanks… I think.

Denial Of Service

Sure, let’s have some snowflake college-dropout coffee jockeys refuse to serve their company’s overpriced shit beverage — again — and when CoffeeMegaCorp Inc. discovers the transgression, they go all “failure of training” and “re-education / retraining” handwringing, and make some token effort at rapprochement.

Here are a couple of my thoughts on the matter.

  • Refusing to serve people in uniform — be it police, armed forces or firemen, whatever — is not a “failure of training”.  In this case, it is a conscious and complete rejection of one of society’s primary institutions (to protect society’s members from the predations of others, or the apprehension and removal of said predators from society).  That such snowflakes have come to consider law enforcement as “The Enemy” and therefore worthy of such shunning is a topic for another time.
  • As I’ve said before, this bullshit does not happen in isolation.  Clearly, the refuseniks feel that they can get away with this behavior — by undergoing lip-service token “retraining” — and at some point, one has to think that CoffeeMegaCorp. is somehow complicit in this disgusting activity, whether by corporate culture, or hiring practices, over-accommodation, or perceived weakness (by its employees).

Here’s what I want to see.  Denial of service to police officers by an establishment should result in an immediate response from the police chief that his police force will no longer respond to distress calls or service calls from any or all  of the corporation’s branches — in other words, if one employee at a branch of Starbucks does this again, then the police will in essence deny police service to all  the Starbucks outlets in their jurisdiction.  (The collectivist nature of this reaction should appeal to or at least be understood by those liberal/socialist cocksuckers known as Starbucks executive management, after all.)

And if (as in the above) service is not denied but simply delayed, then the police chief should institute a policy that their response to all distress calls from Starbucks stores will be delayed, not by an equivalent period of time, but one ten times longer — i.e. if a deputy has to wait six minutes for service, then police response to an emergency will take at least an hour to arrive.

And should Starbucks file suit against the police force for this reaction, let them drag this through the court system, at their peril.

If Starbucks employees want to set themselves apart from society’s institutions (for reasons I’m not interested in enumerating), then they should be denied the protection of those institutions, permanently.  These assholes — employees and employers both — need to understand the true consequences of their actions.

And finally, if Starbucks management tries to kiss ass, e.g. “We are deeply sorry and reached out to apologize directly to them”, the police chief’s response should be to tell them to fuck off and die — in other words, no apology will suffice.

In Cold War terms, this attitude is called “massive retaliation” — where the response is actually far out of proportion to the initial incident.

And we need a lot more of this, to overcome the spoiled, self-entitlement and virtue-signaling attitude of people who are, in the final analysis, no more than flunkies (despite the high-sounding and pretentious titles created by Starbucks).

Finally, the police chief should reach out to other coffee shops in the area and negotiate a group discount for his deputies and their families  at those establishments.  If Starbucks doesn’t appreciate his officers’ business, the police officers should go where it is.

Fuck these woke shitbrains, all of them.  I’m sick of their bullshit.