The Real Thing

Among many of my Readers, I know that their opinion of golf is that it takes up acreage better used for a shooting center.  However, after watching the 2022 Masters last week, something really fine happened.

A young guy named Scottie Scheffler emerged the champion, and here’s his story.

Even better, he and his pretty wife have been crowned as the world’s cutest couple:

Best of all?  (and this just has to stick in the media’s craw)

“It all goes back to my faith,” he said.  “The reason why I play golf is that I’m trying to glorify God and all that he’s done in my life.  So for me, my identity isn’t a golf score.  Like Meredith told me this morning, if you win this golf tournament today, if you lose this golf tournament by 10 shots, if you never win another golf tournament again she goes, I’m still going to love you, you’re still going to be the same person.”

God, humility and family.

Makes me tear up, it does.

Quote Of The Day

From Kurt Schlichter:

It’s kind of a cliché when libs howl that Ron DeSantis is even worse than Trump, but in fact, the governor will be much worse.  Trump was elected to stop the elites’ new order.  DeSantis will be elected to destroy it because Americans will no longer tolerate leftist intolerance.


Best Ever

We’ve often seen those “Before & After” pics of people who’d had enough of being fat, scrawny, etc. and decided to do something about it.  Here’s one such, where a woman ballooned after having kids, felt ashamed of herself, and did something about it.

That’s pretty impressive.  Here’s another:


But the best I’ve ever seen is this one, where a woman married fat, had kids, and then — twenty years later — ended up looking sensational:


Just… wow.  Good for her — and good for her husband, who’s stuck by her through thick  and thin [sic].

In The Air Again

With only a few exceptions, anyone who knows anything about history and aviation has respect (at worst) and love for the extraordinary De Havilland Mosquito fighter-bomber-reconnaissance airplane.

As a number of my Readers fall into the history/aviation dork genus, here’s an hour or so of the restoration of a Mozzie.  I loved every minute of it.

Even better, in Canada (????).  Brilliant stuff.