Kettles, Pots And Pans

When it comes to morality, the modeling world is pretty much an untapped pit — unlike the pudenda of its denizens, which have traditionally been tapped more often than kegs at a German beer festival.

So forgive me if I’m untroubled by the teacupstorm of disapproval about supermodel Heidi Klum appearing alongside her (18-year-old) daughter in some Italian lingerie brand.  I know, you want to see what all the fuss is about, so here it is:

Several thing suggest themselves, of course:  Heidi is still beautiful at whatever her age is (couldn’t be bothered to look it up) and her daughter is very pretty, for any age.  And Italian lingerie companies collectively have the morals of stoats when it comes to the age of their models, so I’m frankly surprised that they waited till the girl turned 18.

And speaking of stoatish morality, one of the tut-tutters about this situation has been none other than Ol’ Margarine-Legs herself, Ulrika Jonsson, who in her younger years gave birth to four children by four different men:

“I would never pose with my daughter like Heidi Klum…. it’s wrong and makes me feel deeply uneasy”


And by the way, she has no compunction about featuring herself with her daughter, just on an unpaid basis:

Other people, apparently, share Ulrika’s opinion:

“I wouldn’t model sexy lingerie with my mom”
“Sexualizing your daughter the moment they turn legal is weird”

Ah, such self-righteous bollocks makes me sick. And no Italian lingerie company has offered any of these people, including the wrinkled and rather bedraggled-looking Ulrike, millions of euros to do any of that, so we’ll never really know just how strong their principles are.

Here are the pics which seem to have caused all the ruckus:

I think they’re quite charming, actually.

And like her mother, Lena Klum is gorgeous, with better boobs.

Fashion Changes

Back when I were a callow yoot, my body wracked with frequent floods of hormonal changes, this kind of dress was popular with the girls:

…and for very good reason, if I may say so — not quite see-through, but the loosely-fitting fitting material made the dresses wonderfully sexy in any kind of a breeze.

Frankly, this is far preferable compared with fashions today, where everything is out in the open:


Of course, I may be wrong — I sometimes am — but not in this case, I think.

Just by way of exposition, the lady in the top photo is BritTV star “Yorkshire Shepherdess” and mother-of-nine Amanda Owen (48), while the lower photos are of some young houris  of no particular significance.

Compare And Contrast

Here we see two hotties (of different vintages) wearing somewhat startling outfits to a social occasion:

Paige Spirinac (29), to some party of glitterati:

…and Catherine Zeta-Jones (52), to a wedding (!):

Now I would have no problem with this latest “see-through” fashion trend, until it spreads to women like… (no names, no outbreaks of mass vomiting).

I do care about my Readers’ tender sensibilities…