News Roundup

And to help with yer digestion, some news from the Dept. of Education:

...yee haaa.

And speaking of boners:

...of course she wasn’t.  She was just showing a Gen Z pupil the facts of life, all part of a rounded belly  education.

...keyword: Mahinarangi.

And speaking of motherhood, there’s some Election News:

...what, they’re using moms to print the fake ballots now?

...Insty’s being sarky, Insty is.  As is Sarah:

From the Sweet Dreams Dept.:

...meanwhile, over in the U.S.A. on that date:

In the Hearts Of Stone Dept.:

...ethnic background of our amputee not mentioned, but...


And finally:

...probably because they lead miserable lives?  Just a wild guess.

Speaking of miserable little bitches, here’s the Media News: short do you want the answer to be?

And in the EVERYBODY PANIC !!! News:

...[insert “Islam” joke here]

And in Entertainment News:

...something about being “too figure-conscious” , I think.  Anyway, at least she’s free from all those silly Disney rules and can start to enjoy her life a little:

...keyword:  Dublin.

…and: two words:

And in the latest 

And living in :

...why am I having trouble believing her?  Anyway:

And that’s it for the Roundup.


  1. Which one of those six different women pictured there is Julia Fox? (I hope it’s the one in the blue jeans.)

  2. > …probably because they lead miserable lives? Just a wild guess.

    Diet and exercise.

  3. That breakfast looks good, really good.

    how will the children get indoctrinated with more teachers being laid off? oh no!!! Hollyweird will have to pick up the slack

    I hope Miss Spears gets her life together.

    Disney can rot. They have been a horrid company for decades. The faster they go broke the better off society will become.

    come on 35%? that’s rookie numbers!!! I thought they could just release some goats with syphilis and let nature takes its course.

  4. Re: Ms Fox. Perhaps her nether regions needed several years to recover.

  5. Darn it! I already had breakfast. But now I want 2nd Breakfast. I’m turning into a hobbit in my old age.

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