Clarkson’s Choice

The Greatest (and Sexiest!) Living Englishman loves the Porsche 928, calling it one of the best-looking cars ever made.

I dunno if I agree with that, but it’s certainly the most beautiful Porsche they ever made:

Like most people who live in a hot climate, I’m a little iffy of the big glasshouse back window (also:  1980s Camaro, Jensen Interceptor), but like with any Porsche, there’s no arguing with its engine — Clarkson noting that ii could “sit quite comfortably at 170mph” on the motorway.

Even some modern cars couldn’t have that said about them.

I’ll take the one with the 5.0-liter V8, thankee.


  1. I wouldn’t call a 928 great looking either. Unless your tastes runs on the zaftig side, but they are very comfortable highway cruisers. Lots of Porsche models will run mid triple digit speeds for extended periods, but the 928 seemed particularly adept at it. Maybe it was all that weight. Just make sure your tires are good for those speeds and weight. And yes, the a/c may not keep up with Texas Temps. The Germans were still a little skeptical of the need for A/C in the 80’s.

    …… and if you really want one, they can be found for $20 – $30k, Just remember they are 30-40+ year old cars, so if the owner claims under 100,000 miles it means it sat untouched for the majority of those years.

    1. It’s the not-so-logical forebear of the Panamera, which is okay-looking, but not even close to the Cayman, which IS the best-looking Porsche ever made.

      1. “Unless your tastes run on the zaftig side….” I would say that describes our host and many of the frequent commenter here, including myself. And I always thought the 928 was great looking.

  2. Always though it was beautiful. Never had a chance to drive one; where I live, rarely even saw one. Used 928s, if you can find one, are reasonably priced, but parts to repair and maintain one would be astronomical.

    As much as I think their beautiful, I’ll pass. And they’re not at all suited to my roads; nothing that is not 4×4 with high load rated tires is suitable to my roads . . . .

  3. Back when the Late Wife passed away in 2012, I bought the 2012 Cayman S and moved from Virginia to Arizona where the nominal speed limit was about 92mph on the freeway. I frequented the area around 120-130 many times and flirted with 150+ once or twice. Then I hit a deer going 50mph and suffered about $20K in damage. Cured me permanently of the need for speed in low-slug speedsters. Now that I’ve remarried and taken on more adult responsibilities, I’m sporting a MB E450 wagon. Great cruiser on the highway, but it mostly stays in the garage, since I never go anywhere anymore and it’s murder to park.

  4. I had a 8 year old 928S for a year back in 99. I was 5’11” and had problems getting out of the car. Clarkson is bigger than me and I do not know how he fit in the car.

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