1. “…in which we finally learn the whereabouts of Reader Ghostsniper’s lair.”

  2. Is that a putting green with a sand trap on the right about
    mid picture, right had side ??

  3. “Hermann, would you talk to this man on the phone? He says he’s from Amazon Prime, and seems pretty upset.”

    1. Hello, Pizza Hut? We’d like to order three extra- large pizzas with the works. Uuuuh, Anchovies on the side. Where? Well, Get out your topo map . . .”

  4. Where getting way from it all, means getting away from it ALL. No cell phone service. No internet. Enjoy.

  5. John Daly’s hideaway. And he makes he makes it onto that first green down there in 2. From his house. Every time. After a pack of Marlboros, 10 Diet Cokes, and 12 beers, too.

  6. She said I could never divorce her. She would take everything I’ve got. Including my new house. Pity, she sleep-walks.

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