News Roundup

Starting off with Global Warming Climate Cooling Change©:

...or, “How To Fuck Up A State, just Like Gavin Newsom Does”.

...unexpectedly.  Lessee:  cars that nobody wants, “renewable” energy sources that don’t work, “green” infrastructure that is more harmful than what it’s replacing… can’t imagine why people would want to bail on it all.

And in more Economic News:


From The Swamp:

...yeah, but they’ll find some way of bringing the fucking thing back to life.  You heard it here first. (UPDATE:  told you so.)

From Police Files:

...cops planting evidence?  Say it ain’t so.

...also to be found in the Dept. Of The Blindingly Obvious. Chicago, that is a routine traffic stop.

From the Dept. of Education:

...forget it, Jake Glenn;  it’s California.

...perhaps the WashGov should ban horny teachers instead of natural gas?  Just a thought.

...nature studies, so to speak.  Very educational.

...I remember back when the Nazis referred to Physics as the “Jewish” science.  Oh how we laughed at them, the idiots...

...from Glenn’s mouth to God’s ear.

In the Hearts Of Stone Dept:

...on the one hand, it could be said that OLAS was really looking after him (not);  but on the other hand, maybe he was one of those priests (if you know what I mean), and just got what he deserved...

And in today’s 


And in :

...apparently, they signify something or other (see link).

I have to say that I find her kinda plain-looking (like Lady Gaga?).

And that’s the news.


  1. I don’t get the Sydney Sweeney love these past few weeks either. I’m with you — she’s cute enough, but not a head-turner.

  2. FISA:
    Not Now
    Not Tomorrow
    Not EVER!
    Drive a stake through it,
    and then burn it!
    (which applies to those traitors to the Constitution that are trying to keep this virus alive)

  3. Sweeney looks like a poster child for the dumb blonde, high maintenance bitch paradigm.

  4. So – Sydney Sweeney. Yawn. I’ve seen DD breasts before. Close up. Those are OK, but not that impressive. And her, particularly? I’m with dude. she’s pretty enough, but not that hot. To be blunt, pretty DD girls are a dime a dozen.

    Can she act? Dunno. Don’t think I’ve seen anything she’s done. That she’s won some awards means nothing; they hand those out like candy to those they like or are politically correct. Eventually one of her movies will make it to a streaming service, and I’ll see. I don’t go to theatres to give money to people who hate me and seek to destroy what I believe in.

  5. “inflation higher than expected”—-translation: We knew it was going to be a disaster, we were wrong about the scope, or we were LYING about the scope to protect the guilty, and hope no one noticed.

    FISA: What’s to keep the .gov from ignoring the non-reauthorization, like they misused the actual authorization? Its like an group of unsupervised teenage boys on Friday night saying, “Dad TOLD us to stay out of his liquor cabinet”, lets read our Bible’s instead.

    I hope Rittenhouse holds elective office someday.

  6. Friggin’ spineless Republicans! If you want to spy on an American citizen youdamn well better get a warrant. HAve any of the Congesscritters EVER actually read the U.S. Constitution?

    Over 100 rounds shot during a traffic stop in Chicago: That means the two officers fired more than SIX mags worth of 9mm at the guy without hitting him. At those ranges I’d expect at least one lucky hit on target. How often do Chicago cops have to qualify on the range? Take ’em outside the city and see if they can hit the broad side of a barn!

    I agree with Kim Sydney Sweeny is pretty plain looking – but with boobs! Holly wood has noticed she has boobs, and not fake tranny boobs, so I guess we should be happy about that. She’s Hollywood’s flavor-of-the-month. She’ll disappear, and be forgotten, soon.

  7. Oops, the Chicago cops DID hit and kill the guy who opened fire on them. How many rounds hit the guy? They still need some serious range time. But who wants to go to Chicago to teach them?

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