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Talking about the Huns fiddling with the numbers when the results aren’t to their liking:

The German army’s accuracy has again been mired in controversy as it was revealed in a classified report the testing for their latest rifle was lowered.

The G95A1 rifle failed to pass trials with military-standard ammunition so the Bundeswehr – the German army – lowered the standards of the test, the report stated.

The manufacturers of the rifle – Heckler and Koch – were allowed to test it with civilian ammunition and at room temperature rather than in extreme heat and cold.

The classified report read: ‘Current testing by the army in laboratory conditions shows that the weapon doesn’t meet army standards when loaded with combat ammunition.

‘The army requires an assault rifle that is sufficiently accurate under real conditions with its combat ammunition.’

The rifle was ordered to replace the G36 – also made by Heckler and Koch – which was dropped after it was found to become inaccurate after sustained firing. 

The G36’s inconsistency was down to a plastic channel that support the barrel would become soft when the gun heats in a quick succession of firing. 

The fault was first discovered when German soldiers serving in Afghanistan complained their guns were not shooting straight after a bout of heavy fire. 

As we all know, when the facts are uncomfortable and/or do not conform to the theory, they must be changed.  (I don’t know how that sounds in German, but I bet it’s lovely.)  Also:

Their 180,000-strong army is due to be receiving new weapons next year after it was reported that they only had enough ammunition to fight for two days.

However, the new gun’s accuracy is up to scratch according to Germany’s elite KSK troops who have been equipped with the G95A1. [as long as you only shoot it indoors — K.]

 A 2015 survey of German soldiers found that only 8 per cent of Bundeswehr soldiers trusted their weapons.

Somewhere out there, Paul Mauser is spinning in his grave.

I bet they’d even do better with one of these instead…

Looks like it’s not just German cars that are starting to suck.



  1. Wow! Sad. I loved the venerable HKG3 which I fired when stationed in Germany. I still have my silver Schutzenschnur braid in my gun safe. How the mighty have fallen.


  2. German cars – and guns:

    But, I do have an ATI .22lr replica of the Stg-44, and it’s a great plinker.

  3. Meanwhile the Dutch army hasn’t had more than 2 CLIPS/magazines per combat soldier for the last 30+ YEARS, and for several years now has had no practice ammunition at all. Soldiers during exercises are instructed to shout “pang pang” when “shooting” instead.
    They also only have at most 1 uniform for every other soldier.

  4. To be fair, it’s not like their government is going to let/order the soldiers to be involved in a shooting war.

  5. ” it was reported that they only had enough ammunition to fight for two days.”

    Well that will get them half way across France.


  6. what the heck is going on? Germany and Britain have been issuing bad equipment for decades. No reserve of ammunition is kept on hand and they don’t train their troops. In the US we have all Hail Diversity and death by power point rather than real training. We have open borders here and the borders have generally been open throughout Europe. Now they’re paying the price. It’s like Western Civilization is willfully committing suicide.

  7. Forgive me if I’ve said this before, but…

    This smacks of Britain’s SA80 program all over again. The Brits had to hire H&K to “fix” (i.e. completely redesign) their rifle to make it barely adequate for combat.

    But now that H&K is the one screwing the pooch… who is going to fix this new German rifle?

    As far as only having enough ammo to fight for two days…. eh, that’s what happens when decades of relying on Uncle Sam to fight your wars for you (and really, after the way we’ve screwed over pretty much all of our allies since WWII, you’d have to be extra stupid to rely on us for that!) and sending copious amounts of war materiel to support Ukraine without bothering to replenish their own stocks afterwards. They’ve made their bed, now they get to sleep in it.

    1. “But now that H&K is the one screwing the pooch… who is going to fix this new German rifle?”

      I dunno… can anyone think of another German company that makes quality rifles out there?

      1. Isn’t H&K the gun company about which their motto is supposedly “We hate you and you suck”?

        A German rifle manufacturer with two hundred years of experience and tradition, whose name is synonymous with quality? M-Ma-Ma? It’s on the tip of my tongue.

  8. “[T]he new gun’s accuracy is up to scratch according to Germany’s elite KSK troops who have been equipped with the G95A1. [as long as you only shoot it indoors — K.]”
    AND you shoot your allocation of two day’s worth of ammunition over the course of two months.

  9. I do not know who is really correct on all of this, but other sources I have read basically said that the problem was the spec they were asked to meet.

    For history, the G36 had problems in Afghanistan with accuracy that was eventually traced to the standard scope that is mounted on all of them deflecting in the extreme heat. So to make sure that they did not have the problem again, the greatly increased the accuracy requirements amd testing on the new firearm.

    The problem is that they bumped up the requirements so high, that it is beyond what the standard NATO grade ammunition is capable of meeting out of any firearm.

    So when they could not pass, HK had to show that the ammo failed to meet the requirements in any firearm but that by changing the ammo they could with the new rifle – and so the spec was revised.

    Now maybe this is all BS, but I don’t think so because the new rifle is just a modified HK416, which is used in enough places (like US SOCOM) that an accuracy issue would have become self evident by now.

    1. I agree… I goolaged the G95 and when I saw it was a beefier M-4/H&K-416 I was like “Da fuq?”

      I have no idea what the requirements were but considering that the M855A1 as far as I know has never had any issues in ANY M4 based platform… unless it’s related to the short-stroke gas piston system that they ‘cribbed’ from the G-36, then I have no idea -why- they’d have an issue like this

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