News Roundup those halcyon days before the Safety Nazis took over.

Let’s kick off with some Crime News: which we play “guess the race of the bad guy”.

...nothing to do with all the rampant theft and looting, of course, it’s just pure racism in action.  Bonus:  guess in whose electoral district this is happening?

...good grief, why didn’t we think of that before? I bet his law prof is so proud of him.

...can somebody ‘splain to me why we shouldn’t inflict some cruel and unusual punishment on his murderous ass… oh yeah, that Constitution thing.  Damn.

And in the Great Cultural Assimilation Project:

...I’d show some sympathy, but it’s NYFC.

...on the bright side, they might have done this to a Texan.

...sheesh, where do they think they are:  Minneapolis?

...”racists” being just about every Irishman not in government.

In Medical News:

And also:

...and when you’ve lost Stephen Fry, you’ve pretty much lost the war.

And now, some Supernatural Sex News:

...just kidding:  they really are fucking crazy [sic].  Pity the poor ghosts.  And speaking of the insane:

...I’m just amazed that people are crazy enough to give money to FJB at all.  On the other hand, it’s his last chance to have some cash lying around when his ass leaves the White House.

In this Friday’s (link-free) 


And in Sorta-ShowBiz News:

...frankly, I’ve seen curvier ironing-boards.  But hey, judge for yourself:

…”stunning”?  STUNNING?

Now here’s stunning:

...take it away, chica:

And on that truly stunning note, we end the news roundup.


  1. I thought why would some women be banned from horse jumping for some silly costume.. then I googled mankini.. Oh God, Oh God! That’s No Woman! Delete search history, stat!

  2. “…I’m just amazed that people are crazy enough to give money to FJB at all. ”

    And just how much of the $42 million came in the form of small checks from the Ukraine? We all know that 100% of foreign aid is graft and corruption, that $42 mil is the cost of keeping that money tree open.

    As for Pippa? The legs / torso dimensions look off – legs too short or torso too long. Plus man shoulders. Ain’t calling her a tranny, but dammit she ain’t very feminine looking.

  3. Pippa has the build of a prepubescent boy. No amount of sandwiches and steaks can change that.

    I used to be quite tolerant but the news sure shows that some of these diverse cultures are just plain dangerous. Scott Adams of Dilbert fame made a similar comment and went a little further. that got him shunned and cancelled by quite a few newspapers.

    I believe the town in Massachusetts is Roxbury and that place has been an atrocious ghetto for decades. There were a few times when they polished up that turn very well in the 1990s but quite a bit of Boston has really become bad. Downtown Crossing, the shopping district, is filled with the giant department stores that have been abandoned. I’m told that crime has increased in that area. It’s a shame. Boston used to be a safe city for the most part although it had its enclaves of higher crime. Stop stealing burning and looting your local businesses and they’ll stay where they are.

  4. Stephen Fry is a champagne socialist. All his political statements need to be borne with that in mind.

  5. “…on the bright side, they might have done this to a Texan”

    The Texan was just as likely to have been armed to discourage such behavior.

  6. Ireland
    …”racists” being just about every Irishman not in government.

    Wife and I will be there for a few weeks in the near future. Will send you a sitrep on what is seen, given we are going to be in several “major” cities/towns on 3 coasts.

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