No Solo Effort

Here’s one which set my teeth on edge:

MSNBC host Joy Reid lamented that black Americans have not received sufficient reparations for “literally, physically” building this country.

Ignoring for the moment all the Chinese workers who built the railroads and the (largely) White guys who built the skyscrapers… wait, skyscrapers?

You see, without the eeevil Whitey and his supremacist designs and engineering and stuff, we’d have ended up with, shall we say more modest structures:

Oh, I know:  this silly woman was talking about political “reparations” (I just couldn’t resist the opportunity for a cheap shot, shoot me).  Here’s the full excerpt, then:

MSNBC host Joy Reid lamented that black Americans have not received sufficient reparations for “literally, physically” building this country, believing that former President Barack Obama’s eight-year tenure is the best they will get.

Yeah I know, the jokes write themselves.  “Eight?  You mean twelve  and “If Obama was the best deal Blacks could get for themselves, y’all are in deep shit”, etc.

I would never have believed it, but I’m getting sicker of the race bullshit in the U.S. than I was of the race bullshit back in the old Racist Republic.

See, what people like Joy Reid need to do is to go and live in somewhere like South Africa forever for a couple of years, just to see how that “political reparations” thing is likely to work out.

Stupid bitch.


  1. Doing truckloads of low factor productivity work for generation after generation isn’t something an ethnicity would really want to advertise. The principle behind the Great American Dream is Lifting Yourself Up. If you didn’t or couldn’t, maybe you should not be rewarded for your non-effort.

  2. The dudes sitting on that beam – something tells me that’s not OSHA approved. And methinks you owe stupid bitches an apology, comparing them to JR.

    1. I’ve seen this pic several times, but this is the first time I noticed what the gent on the right has in his hand.
      Must be the environment here.

      1. As a Steel Worker’s Union member, I’m pretty sure that photo was a staged photo by some Time /Life photographer back in the day. ( Steel workers make the steel – Iron workers hang it ). No Iron worker would sit on a beam to eat his lunch like that. There are plenty of safer places to do that as the Steel goes up one floor at a time. Notice that the shot is closely cropped so you can’t see the floor and the netting below.

        Plus, back then my understanding was that the guys that worked the “High Steel” were the highest paid in the Union and in the west many were Indians ( feather). I’ve been up on the top floors of a lot of high rises under construction but I don’t remember many Black workers.

        1. I worked with ironworkers and millwrights for about 7 years all around the USA. I don’t recall a single black. Anywhere. Ever.

  3. “What do we do about the negroes?”

    We’ve managed to isolate the negroes out of our lives for the most part but still, hardly a day goes by that I do not hear about them complaining about something. Seriously, is there a race that complains more and does less than the negroes?

    I have not seen a negro with my own eyes in over a year and I wish I would never see or hear of one ever again. I think the same way about litter.

  4. when do folks of Western European ancestry get reparations for electricity, cars, trains, the industrial revolution, reading, writing, calculus, engineering, modern medicine, chemistry, synthetic fabric, free market enterprise, democracy, republic form of government, Mozart and company’s contribution to music, metallurgy, public roads, international and intercontinental trade, sailing and power ships, canned food, plentiful food, vaccinations, antibiotics, ddt for killing tse tse flies, the Panama Canal, Aswan and Hoover Dams, etc all enjoyed by people around the world. And I didn’t even mention the printing press and the great literature produced with it.

    Stop whining and enjoying the prosperity of Western Civilization would be sufficient gratitude. Get on the success train. We only discriminate against the indolent.

    1. oh, you mean all those racist things that destroy the environment?

      Joy Reid wants to have us all executed for that.

  5. There was a brutha that went to Africa and wrote a book about it – Out of Africa, I think.

    The upshot was he discovered being here was better. No shit. But still, if they feel that way, go to Africa where you can be surrounded by blacks all day long. The problem is that first, they wont’ be shit there, just another negro. And second, the Africans will hate them too.
    Nearly every black I’ve met from Africa or the Islands sees American blacks as lazy.

    Their love of complaining is only a bit more than their penchant for stolen valor and esteem.

    1. You just said what I was going to say.I have had guys in the service who have worked for us who worked the W.Coast of Africa and they despise the American black they look down on them for not realizing how good they got it.

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