Bowing To The Inevitable

I had a quick chuckle at this one:

Instead of essentially requiring automakers to rapidly ramp up sales of electric vehicles over the next few years, the administration would give car manufacturers more time, with a sharp increase in sales not required until after 2030, these people said. They asked to remain anonymous because the regulation has not been finalized. The administration plans to publish the final rule by early spring.

The change comes as President Biden faces intense crosswinds as he runs for re-election while trying to confront climate change. He is aiming to cut carbon dioxide emissions from gasoline-powered vehicles, which make up the largest single source of greenhouse gases emitted by the United States.

At the same time, Mr. Biden needs cooperation from the auto industry and political support from the unionized auto workers who backed him in 2020 but now worry that an abrupt transition to electric vehicles would cost jobs.

Yeah, not to mention the impossibility of getting a huge number of Americans to give up their beloved and reliable cars, trucks and SUVs for impractical and unreliable Duracell runarounds.

The decision was taken mainly because consumer demand for EVs has been lower than expected, and various major car manufacturers announced disappointing results in their recent annual reports.

“Lower than expected”, and shrinking as people who aren’t interested in virtue-signaling decide that, well, fuckem.

There are, of course, a variety of reasons for the drastic underperformance of EVs, but perhaps the greatest issue is that they are still working out as more expensive than traditional gas-powered cars. There is also an increasing body of evidence that they are not so environmentally friendly as their proponents would like us to think.

Not to mention that there are only a tiny number of charging points across the vast expanse of the U.S.A., and not much chance of their number growing at a rate which would make everyone’s life easier.

But we all know that,  Here’s the part which made me really chuckle:

It is not all doom and gloom for the EV industry, though, as Elon Musk’s Tesla continues to go from strength to strength. Yet Musk’s recent embrace of the anti-Biden agenda has unfortunately made him persona non grata within the White House. Given the petty and vindictive nature of the Democratic establishment, don’t be surprised if Tesla’s famously generous government subsidies soon vanish into thin air.

Yeah, just wait till prospective buyers of EVs discover that the true price of a sub-compact Tesla is really north of $100,000.  The “thin air” will also contain buyer demand.


  1. Here’s an economic clue for Sleepy Joe’s empty clue bag. Automakers can’t “ramp up sales of EVs”, they can only ramp up production. And consumers have known for a long time that the Global Cooling Climate Warming Change thing is nonsense on stilts, but they’ve put up with higher gasoline and food prices because of the silly ethanol regulations because, well, there’s nothing they think they can do about it.

    But they are drawing the line at purchasing these silly vehicles. Not gonna happen, it’s pushing on a string. The gumming can push for making more of them, but they’re going to pile up in dealers’ lots unless they just give them away.


  2. Here in the UK, if you cannot charge at home or at work (very common) then EVs simply aren’t economic. Electricity from commercial charging points is not cheap. And then there’s the time required. A workaround for this would be for electricity to become much cheaper. But that would mean building evil nuclear power stations.

    I hope the whole thing will be shortly moot: self driving cars will change everything. If you can have a self-driving car that arrives on your doorstep in 5 minutes then you don’t need your own car for normal driving and the company that owns the vehicle can take care of recharging etc.

  3. If they made a full size, 2 door truck with extended cab that could haul 10 sheets of plywood and do a 200 mile round trip and include whatever equipment is required to charge it at my house and price it at say, $20,000 I’d buy one right now.

    Otherwise, I just don’t see any need to go into debt, and certainly not for a $50k+ vehicle. To even consider such a thing is mindlessly silly.

  4. “He is aiming to cut carbon dioxide emissions from gasoline-powered vehicles, which make up the largest single source of greenhouse gases emitted by the United States.”

    Don’t give those bastards an inch!! That is not a fucking SINGLE SOURCE, it is millions of small sources greatly dispersed! A SINGLE SOURCE would be one motherfucking Liberian flagged ocean barge running up the Houston ship channel that is NOT REGULATED to any code. Industry monitoring devices for greenhouse gasses have to be turned OFF to avoid burn-out from the ship channel because one of those bastards puts out more pollution than all the traffic in Houston – but since it’s unregulated, untaxed, and can’t be used to push their fucking agenda on us, no one fucking talks about it.

    Sorry, but as someone who works in the industry, I know that this is complete bullshit and designed strictly to virtue signal for the rich and punish the poor. There is not a goddamn thing about EV’s that make the environment better.

    Sorry again, finally got my coffee going and my blood pressure is slowly decreasing.

    1. Slow even calming breaths. Think of a peaceful sunset while
      sitting on a warm white sandy beach. Inhale, exhale. See ? Now
      isn’t that better ? We don’t want to burn out a bearing now do we ?
      I could not possibly agree more with you !
      This climate crap has gone on for FAR too long supported by globalists who want CONTROL ( the real goal ) and accepted by people incapable of seeing the lies they are being fed on a daily basis.
      Rant more ! It’ll spread and that means more people are getting
      closer to totally rejecting this Al Gore wet dream !

      1. No sunset, no beach. My calming spot is sitting in a canoe, fishing pole in hand, back bay, sun just coming up, scanning the grassy shoreline and spot casting to bull reds.

        But point taken.

    1. Don, sorry.

      You and a couple others had their comments marked as spam, and I only got round to freeing them up much later.

      Again, apologies.

  5. they’ve tried to make a viable electric car for over a hundred years and they have failed miserably. Their progress has been so slow that glaciers would be called speedy in comparison. At what point do we realize that this is a fool’s errand?

    I’m thrilled to see that there is more evidence that these glorified golf carts are not as environmentally friendly as claimed. The assertion that humans can change the climate is one of the most absurd frauds ever perpetrated on humanity. I can’t wait to see Owl Gore’s church of smoke collapse like a deck of cards in a hurricane.

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