Killjoy Statistic

Here it is:

The majority of sudden deaths among men during coitus took place during extramarital sex.

I’m assuming that this excludes death at the hands (or knife, gun or baseball bat) of the aggrieved husband catching one in the act of Teh Naughty.


I can attest to the latter, by the way, because the only time that ever happened to me, my heart was beating like crazy — far more so than during the act itself, I promise you — and it only stopped try to hammer its way through my rib cage was when I was several blocks down the street.  (Full story is here.)  Impending heart attack?  Wouldn’t have surprised me.

By the way, the above link also contains some of the most appalling bullshit — e.g. fresh apples improve one’s libido — but the statistic quoted appears to have been derived from “several studies”, so there ya go.  (Incidentally, nothing improves the libido like a couple of beers and an unexpectedly-willing partner.  You may thank me later.)


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