1. What’s with that single yellow county?

    That’s Johnson County where Nikki stomped all over Trump with a decisive margin of victory of Zero Point Zero Three Percent of the vote. ( 35.52 % to 35.49% ) but it is after all the home of the 3rd largest city in Iowa of 150,000 +_ people. ( the 95 other counties are all about 10,000 of less spread out over the 500 square mile counties. Iowa – OCD Heaven for map makers. )

    1. Well for starters it’s a caucus, not a vote. And what I heard was that a bunch of Dems had switched party affiliation just so they could caucus for Nikki. As for numbers.. we’re talking in the 10s or a few scores of people. In the low numbers of caucusians that makes quite a difference. (and she still got stomped to 3rd place overall)

    2. You forgot to mention that it’s also home to the University of Iowa. Or, as I referred to it when I was there in the the 80’s, “University of Berkley Midwest Campus”. Three of those years the student government run by the Revolutionary Student Brigade, dedicated to the establishment of Socialism in the US by force if necessary.

      The only county that went to Jimmy Carter in 1980.

      It was interesting at times being an ROTC Cadet on campus during that period.

      1. It’s not that I forgot, I just could not find anything that bragged about what was so special about Iowa City that explained the anomaly. I thought it would be something like that. That sort of margin in the counts is also a little suspicious. It must be only a handful of people at one caucus who made up the difference. … or someone called the dorm / frats and said we need X more caucus goers to stuff Nikki down Trump’s ****

  2. We have not yet seen full on chimpouts on steroids yet. Hold on to yer hat and ass for what is coming when El Trumpo sweeps NH and NC. Stock up on food, water and safety equipment plus popcorn, lots and lots of popcorn. The Chicago DNC riots are going to make 1968 look like an old ladies picnic. Sadly we here are a scant hour drive from Shitcago.

  3. Who is Ryan Binkley? Never heard of him. I guess the caucus shows that Iowans haven’t heard of him either.

    I know that Governor Christie Kreme dropped out. How about Asa Hutchins? And I guess Vivek Ramaswamy is the latest to drop out. I think he got quite a bit of press coverage.


  4. Unless the left cheats Trump out of a second term, they’re gonna be going apeshit for the next five years. Stay tuned.

  5. This right here is great:

    I always know how well Trump is doing by how suicidal the MSNBC panel is
    — Emma-Jo Morris (@EmmaJoNYC) January 16, 2024


  6. Sorry to see Vivek finish 4th and drop out. I have a love/hate thing with Trump and the others are just stock characters from Republican central casting.

  7. Looks like a replay of 2020 to me. Dominion voting machines + a thumb drive, drop boxes with willing TDS cheating assholes, can and did undo a Trump landslide.
    Pray for an honest election. Four more years of this bloated, incompetent, woke-controlled government will drag us down to parity with other third world shitholes, if we aren’t beyond saving already.

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