Speed Bump #246


For the want of a space… it’s “WALK [space] OUT”, you fucking illiterate morons.  People who walk out from their jobs can be said to be staging a “walkout” (which is a NOUN).  Here’s another example, from a different article:

The mum added that she goes to the gym but has been struggling to find the time to workout.

That’s “work [space] out”, you sub-morons.  A “workout” is what you get when you exercise [he explained patiently].

First we had “verbing”, where nouns are turned into verbs (e.g. he
“exited” the room grrrr grrr grrrrr), and now we have the reverse… “nouning”, where verbs are turned into nouns?

I know what this calls for:


  1. I’m not saying he’s infallible but Bill Wobbledick (better known as William Shakespeare) used “Exeunt” prolifically.

    “The most famous and intriguing of all Shakespeare’s stage directions is ‘exit pursued by a bear,’ in The Winter’s Tale.” h/t nosweatshakespeare

    1. Shakespeare used his exits in the Latin sense: “exit”(3rd person singular) means that one actor leaves the stage, “exeunt” (3rd person plural) means multiple actors leave, “omnes exeunt” means that all the actors leave.

      Hence the therm “makes (or made) an exit” as opposed to “exited” which is meaningless.

  2. Is drinking now called “glug-glug”?

    As in, “I am going down to the pub for a glug-glug.”

  3. I think we need to set-up a shootin (er shoot-in) for our esteemed host!

    (head spinnin starts now)

  4. The Aussies have taken ‘verbing’ to a fine art level. The presstitutes there talk about one politician being ‘verballed’ by another. Takes a moment or two to figure out WTF they are talking about. Apparently means something like ‘verbally attacked’, as distinct one assumes, to bitch-slapped in person, or writtened (why I can make up words too, just for the hell of it). We need to go back to using latin. Caedite eos would work.

    1. Stop that, You KNOW that the thought of hanging journos gives me Terminal Warm ‘N Fuzzies.

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