I’ve Always Said That

…and now, there’s !SCIENCE! to prove it:

Ditching a bra could make your breasts perkier, experts have claimed.

Women’s health specialists and plastic surgeons have suggested that the tight pressure from a bra can weaken tissues around the breasts over time, causing them to droop.

The uplifted look is also said to be due to the gradual strengthening of back muscles that happens when you’re unsupported, improving posture.

I’ve always thought you can tell the difference between habitual bra-wearers and the freedom-lovers the minute things go natural.

I know, I know:  we need evidence.  Here ya go:

Want more proof?  Of course you do.



  1. I don’t think those pics prove anything. We need to have a MUCH larger sample size to verify the hypothesis. Please.
    Plus, we need some kind of certification that all the samples are purely natural.
    (Are you certain all the samples above are all-natural? I’m not.)

    1. The problem is that as booby-surgery gets better and better, the more difficult it is to see whether it has been implemented.

      The answer, as you suggest, is to have a much larger sample. Duly noted.

    2. As Ron White quipped in one of his comedy routines, “You’ve seen one pair…you want to see ’em all”

  2. I can say from personal experience, big one sag, little ones are perky. All are fun bags regardless of size.

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