News Roundup

Let’s dive right in.

...only one? they mean meat like this? 
...short answer:  no.  Longer answer:  fuck off and die.  And speaking of nanny busybodies:

...go fuck yourselves, you foul fascists. helped create this movement;  you deal with it, asshole.

From the Dept. of Health:

...keyword:  Brazil.

...note the plural “hospitals.

...coming from the same crowd who said that unless everybody donned these face condoms, everyone was gonna die.

From the Great Cultural Assimilation Project:

...should be 700,000 but we’ll take what we can get.

And in related news:

...lemme see here:  percentage of NYC seniors who vote Democrat:  100%

And speaking of seniors:

...well, that’s one way of putting it.  (No link because paywall)

...all part of the “boys will be boys” policy in… wait, Memphis?

...which just shows that we need commonsense lawnmower control, and that avocados are not that healthy.  Also, keyword:  Australia (?).

Some Animal News:

...keyword:  yup, Australia.

And the most INSIGNIFICA ever:


...okay, that’s what I want at my funeral.

Finally, in ShowBiz News:

...yeah, whatever.  Let’s just look at her legs awhile:

Enough?  No?  Okay, then:

I’ll stop here, or else we could be doing this all day.


  1. “Gov Abbot says Texas will bus another 70,000 immigrants to democrat run cities.”

    Why not just send them back over the border between Panama and Colombia? Sending them to other parts of the US should be criminal.

    1. Because sending them to places like New York and Chicago forces the issue.

      The people who are getting pissed off are the “sanctuary city” folks who thought it was just peachy-keen for Texas the the other border states to have to deal with the horde – but now have to deal with the issue.

      1. Although dropping them into the middle of the Darian Gap, sans resources, does have some appeal. How about they split the difference: half to sanctuary cities and half to the Darian.

        1. My vote is to Darian, one way, by helicopter.

          Croc’s gotta eat, same as the python’s.

  2. Re: “Federal Transportation Agency Calls for Speed-monitoring Software in Cars”

    Look at what the U.S. Senate is debating:

    It’s a bill to require new cars to be equipped with AM radios as standard equipment, because “Emergency Messages are broadcast on AM.”

    Shades of North Korea. Will there also be a reqirement to have a framed photo of the newest-installed Dear Leader?

    “…go fuck yourselves, you foul fascists.” Indeed.

    Also, Fuck you Chuck Schumer.

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