Actually, No

I think we all remember this little incident, where a 6’6″ schoolboy thug beat a teacher’s aide unconscious over a Nintendo Switch.  No?  Here’s the story, along with his mother — predictably — begging for clemency because “prison will kill him”.

Here’s the thing, Mommie Dearest:  your precious little baby belongs in prison, because he has demonstrated quite beyond doubt that he is a menace to society.

And frankly, I don’t care that he’s autistic, any more than I would care that voices in his head are telling him that Switch Is God, and therefore beating someone savagely is somehow acceptable.

He belongs in prison.  And if that “kills him”, that is just too bad — because if he’s allowed to run free, who’s to say that he won’t go nuts and beat someone (to death, this time) because they wouldn’t give him Cheerios for breakfast?

Maybe — just maybe — he should be confined to a mental institution instead, except that such institutions are usually staffed with bleeding-heart psychologists wearing wizard hats, who solemnly declare that after a few months’ therapy, little Johnny is Ready To Be Released Into Society.

Whereupon little Johnny murders someone else, because he doesn’t like Mondays.

And then people like myself call for the psychologist to be executed for being an accessory to murder (which they are, in cases such as these) under Hammurabic principles.

So the whole thing spirals out of control, simply because we as a society somehow think that mentally-retarded sociopaths like this Brendan Depa shouldn’t be incarcerated and kept from being a danger to anyone they come into contact with (e.g. a 5’4″ slender teacher’s aide).

Throw him in jail and melt the key.

The fact that modern prisons are dangerous places is a topic for another time, but it’s irrelevant to this discussion.

And some people might disagree with me, but they’d be wrong.


  1. The fact that modern prisons are dangerous places is a topic for another time, but it’s irrelevant to this discussion.

    Possibly. But… (you knew there was a but): If good tactics demand one disarm one’s enemy (and, make no doubt about it; the bleeding hearts are enemies of all truly good people) perhaps this topic IS a place to discuss it.

    Not an expert by any means, but it seems that a principal reason prisons are so dangerous is that prisoners have contact with one another and prison staff. Perhaps the solution might be a regime of solitary confinement? How difficult would it be to rebuild/remodel prisons to enable that?

    1. That was tried in early penitentiaries and had the problem of driving many inmates insane. Few people can hold up mentally to years of solitary.

  2. Here’s a proposal:

    If a psychiatrist or social worker or whatever can treat the guy, so that he’s no longer a danger to society, then he can walk free. If, however, he does harm somebody, then he and the idiot who let him walk will both serve a double term in prison. And if he kills someone, they’ll both be executed. Not 20+ years from now, either. I mean take them out this afternoon and hang them in front of the courthouse.

    This would be pretty harsh, but I think we’d eventually find fewer people (either through observation or attrition) willing to stand up and say that guys like this should be free.

    1. Spot on…enough of parolee’s getting out only inside of 24hours harming/murdering an innocent person…which includes the parole board folks, time they made better decisions.

  3. the mother inadequately taught her son self control. I’m sure that can be a tough task with a child that is autistic but that’s where she should have enlisted more help. This kid just didn’t suddenly decide to become violent. This behavior was tolerated and condoned over time and now the kid is physically much larger, much more intimidating and far more dangerous. The kid definitely needs to be on a psych ward for a long, long time.


  4. …and the woman “journalists” said Ted Bundy was “handsome and charismatic.” Uh, check yourselves ladies, he’s a SERIAL KILLER.

    Watched a crime episode last night about a “successful and well liked” realtor…who was really a serial killer. Total evil creep type who as an 18 year old would stalk college gals on the local campus (in their dorm), then lured and raped a 14 yo neighbor girl…BUT…was given a lenient sentence (“he was such a nice boy”). He was let out with zero follow up. Only discovered his true evil-doing when a gal who worked for him cleaning houses was discovered missing and chained inside a Conex on his rural property…after shooting her boyfriend point blank without provocation (“because I was mad at her”). The ensuing murder investigations (yes, plural) were how this scumbag continued over decades after his early “kinder-gentler” prison release. The parole board could have stopped this monster with a simple “Nope, not getting out.” They are culpable as well. Time to change methodology with consequence for letting these cretins out to wreak havoc on the public.

    Sorry “mom”, your son deserves prison and a daily heavy dose of lithium….I’d rather have him glassy-eyed and drooling than harming another innocent person because some do-gooder loser DA/Prosecutor/judge/parole board set him free.

    1. There is nothing contradictory in someone being intelligent, charming, and charismatic — and utterly evil. Do you think the devil appears with hooves, horns, and tail to beguile the innocent.?

  5. Lock that bleeding heart mother up too, or make her civilly liable for spawning and loosing that animal on society. Any individual who is prone to unwarranted, violent temper outbursts should not be loose in a general population until proven to have temper and impulse control.
    In a civil society, members have a right and expectation to live in peace. Do-gooders need to put their money where their blubbering, whining mouths are and live in a closed facility with the psychotics and autistics.
    Three years ago in my neighborhood, a 6′ 200 lb twelve year-old autistic grabbed two younger boys by the hair and banged their heads together over some perceived paranoid offense. He could have killed them, but the boys’ father intervened and ran him off. The potential monster is now much bigger and still around being “mainstreamed,” and I worry what he’ll do next if he misses a dose of his meds.
    Until that happens, they can take their fucking “mainstreaming” of psychotics and autistics and shove it.

  6. a)
    In prison with his celebrity status, he would quickly own an army.
    Every convict with a grudge against teachers and counselors would be in line as a recruit.
    That would be bad news for staff.
    Ask any Corrections Officer about the term ‘monkeys’.

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