Wasting Time

Whenever I read a headline like this one, it brings back memories:

What memories, you ask?

Back in the 90s, James Baker III (PBUH) was told that one of George H. Bush’s policies or campaign speeches (I forget which) was going to alienate a large number of East Coast Jews.

His immortal response?

“Fuck ’em;  they’re not going to vote for us anyway.”

And I can’t help but think that the Tories are in similar situation with young Brit voters — unless there is a “silent” bloc of Conservative youth who will vote for them and not the godless Commies of the Socialist Labour Party.

If such a bloc exists, they’re really silent, or else a tiny minority.  More likely, today’s yoot Over There can probably be written off completely, because they’re going to vote for the same foul socialism of their grandfathers of the post-WWII years.

I don’t wanna think about our young Murkin voters, although I’m fairly sure that our Red states may harbor a far larger number of right-thinking (in both senses of the word) young people.

I’m not convinced, however, that there are enough of them to overcome the many thousands of fraudulent socialist ballots that will no doubt play a huge part in the next, and future elections.


  1. I don’t hold much hope for a peaceful future.
    That’s a big part of the reason I have a huge resource of potential “tools”.

  2. Hell, Biden didn’t even campaign last time. Still won. They don’t need to reach anyone but the staff of Dominion Voting Systems.

  3. KIm,

    You are 100% correct that our Red states, and many Blue states, contain a significant number of young, right-thinking people. The sad reality is that many, perhaps most of them just do not vote.

    I know a lot of good, right-thinking young people who do not vote because they are not convinced their vote counts.

    Meanwhile, the wrong-thinking young people all vote. That would include wrong-thinking young people who are not legally allowed to vote.

    Even among older people, actual voter participation is relatively low, which allows the wrong-thinking activists to “harvest” votes.

    I am not at all sure any of this leads to good outcomes, but it is what it is.

    Just my humble opinion, for what it’s worth. As always, I could be wrong.


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