1. I went to Wally world this morning. Had to do some shopping. They had (and have had for a little while now) a sign on the ammo case that says no ammo sales at this time. The manager at the Wally world is no longer there, and according to Massachusetts law, someone in the business has to have a license to sell ammo.

    So here it is, Holiday time, hunting season, and national ammo buy time, and this bullshit.

    The only other business in town, a small sporting goods store, has ammo, but the prices are a little expensive being a mom and pop.

    Thanks a fucking lot to the assholes running (ruining) Massachusetts, keeping everyone safe by stopping ammo sales when a manager leaves a store.

    The illegal immigrants meanwhile get free hotels, free meals, free schooling for their crotch fruits, free transportation, and many leaders in Mass want to fast track worker permits for these illegals.

    Massachusetts Sucks.

  2. Due to circumstances, bought ammo yesterday. Drove to Yuma, AZ to avoid California silliness (wanted to use another word, but keeping to family friendliness). I hope that counts.

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