Seen at Kenny’s:

Not sure I go with that one, but its proposition may not be unjustified.

The question, however, is an interesting one.

On that scale, I’m at about a 2.  But I’m willing to be challenged.

Here’s my point.  The larger the alleged conspiracy, the less I’m likely to go for it.  So most of the so-called “Global” conspiracies (World Economic Foundation, Jewish Banking, you name it) fall apart at the first hurdle because the larger the conspiracy, the more people involved, the less likely it is to be true.

  • Is there a conspiracy among your coworkers to get you fired? —  easily established and exposed.
  • Did the CIA conspire to kill JFK?  — no.
  • Did Aristotle Onassis conspire to kill JFK?  — maybe.
  • …because he was in the thrall of the International Emerald Market? — definitely not.
  • Are socialists conspiring to bring down the United States?  — read the news and follow the dots;  of course they are.

In the latter case, it might not be a planned conspiracy, in that there’s no secret Bilderburger / Comintern / whatever .org issuing commands to the various socialists;  but that doesn’t mean they aren’t all working towards a common goal — which they are.

The other meme making the rounds runs along the lines of:

“Today’s conspiracy nuts will be seen by history as prophets.”

That, I might go along with.  Unless the conspiracy is an obvious crock of shit.  But as I said above, I’m willing to be challenged.

And by the way:  any suggested conspiracy that includes those bastards at DeBeers Diamonds?  I’ll believe it.


  1. Three guys can’t rob a 7-11 and keep quiet about it… but 1000 people are supposedly tight-lipped on faking the moon landing.

    Seems legit.

  2. I don’t believe so much in conspiracy theories as I do believe that multiple people dislike one in particular so they each do their part to tear down their victim without much if any coordination.


  3. My two conspiracy theories:

    1) Conpiracy theories may originate with individuals, but “the powers that be” encourage them to keep people from figuring out what’s really going on.

    2) medical supply companies have been colluding with NASA for years, doing computer modelling and real-world testing to insure that the wrapper and tabs pulled off of adhesive bandages always miss the waste basket!

  4. Did Aristotle Onassis conspire to kill JFK?

    That one I’ve never heard. But I saw an actual book which argued at great length, with considerable “evidence”, that Onassis had Sirhan Sirhan hypnotically programmed to kill Bobby Kennedy.

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