1. 6 months ago I sold my 32 year old truck, the first and last new ride I will ever own, and I immediately regretted doing so. You never get too old to avoid stupidity.

  2. You want the sports car, but you’ll drive it 5 below the limit in the fast lane. With the left blinker on, for miles.

  3. Nope…… neither of those. I already did my time alternately freezing or cooking in a VW Type 2 and attempting and failing to keep the Lucas Magic Electrical Smoke in the tubes of a British Sports Car. I think there may even still be a spare can of smoke in my garage.

    Now I want ( OK …. need ) a vehicle that has the option to push a button when I’m tired or just don’t want to put up with the heavy traffic anymore. That button needs to be labeled ” Take me home safely and put this thing in the garage”.

  4. I would kill to have the “good old days” of driving Arizona in my dad’s ’65 VW bus. Lots of places where we would cruise at a screaming 20 mph to get where the fishing was good. Good times!

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